Tips For Increasing Fuel Efficiency

Author: Mike Yates

Tips for increasing fuel efficiency

As gas prices continue their steady climb, the importance of cutting back on gas is paramount. While this could mean something drastic like buying a hybrid or walking more, there are a few ways to take smaller steps toward fuel efficiency.

Inflate your tires
Tires that aren't at full pressure waste gas by making your car work harder to keep it at a steady speed. Checking your tires regularly and adjusting their inflation accordingly can save you a good amount of gas.

Obey the speed limit
In addition to reducing the risk of an accident, observing the speed limit also helps you save gas. Driving at high speeds overworks your car's engine and reduces gas mileage.

Clean your car
Is your trunk filled with things you never use? Ridding your car of excess weight can ensure that you are most efficiently using your fuel.

Open your windows
By using the breeze as a natural way to cool your car, you can limit the gas you spend operating your air conditioning. While this may seem like a tough thing to scrimp on, there are ways it can be done that you likely won't even notice. By turning off your air conditioner when it is at a comfortable temperature, you can save a few minutes here and there.

Cruise control
When on the freeway, employing your car's cruise control feature will help you maintain a steady and efficient speed. Accelerating is where you burn fuel most quickly and cruise control can help avoid this.

Plan your routes
Taking a little extra time to pick a route that avoids high-traffic areas and other instances of stop-and-go driving can vastly increase your fuel efficiency.

With these simple tips, you can save many tanks of gas over the course of a year - and all without making any big investments or changes to your lifestyle. 

In Brief

  • As gas prices continue their steady climb, the importance of cutting back on gas is paramount.

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