Five Ways To Stand Out At Work

Author: Timothy Bibbs

Five ways to stand out at work

Are you constantly looked over for promotions or unrecognized for your contributions at meetings? There is a chance that you are slipping through the cracks because you keep making the same mistakes. Consider following a few suggestions on how to stand out at work, and see how quickly your career can evolve.

1. Think of yourself as a product - Psychology Today Magazine says that you should think of yourself as a product someone would buy. Would you buy yourself? Consider what you can do to improve your value and overall brand representation. Employers are more likely to notice and reward valuable employees that they have a connection with, the same way consumers buy products, suggests the magazine.

2. Speak up - Continue to contribute in meetings and group projects. Remain respectful while talking to fellow employees and strive to demonstrate the passion you have for your company.

3. Look the part - Many companies are switching from a formal dress code to business casual attire. If you are trying to stand out, this does not mean you can slack off when getting dressed in the morning. Look professional at all times and dress for success. Maintaining a well groomed appearance will make it clear to everyone that you take your position seriously.

4. Take initiative - If you know that something needs to be done, do it yourself before you are asked. The more responsibilities that you can take on successfully, the better you will look to your manager and the more valuable you will become to the company.

5. Compare yourself to others - If someone else in the office seems to get all the recognition you are seeking, make a list of the things they do on a regular basis and compare them with what you do. Don't be afraid to ask the people you admire if they have any advice.

In Brief

  • Are you constantly looked over for promotions or unrecognized for your contributions at meetings?

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