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Cooking Up Degrees In Culinary Arts

Hungry for Career Success?

Author: Chris Cox

It's college classroom meets the gourmet kitchen and one of the fastest growing programs at universities and trade schools from coast-to-coast. Earning an advanced degree in the exciting and fast-paced Culinary Arts could be the spice and career-changer you've been looking for.

Academically paired with the hospitality industry, Culinary Arts and Hospitality degrees are immensely popular and in big demand. Recent high school grads and older adults looking for career advancement or career-change are flocking to brick and mortar campuses and online colleges.

And while many degree-seekers aspire to be the next super chef, just as many decide they're best suited on the business, finance and management side of this fast-growing industry.

In fact, hospitality management is one of the fastest growing careers on the planet.

No matter which side of the kitchen door you're on, there's opportunity for everyone. And while great chefs and talented food experts find solid, high paying jobs, the executive and management side is equally ripe with opportunity. In fact, hospitality management is one of the fastest growing careers on the planet. A recent study shows that seven of every ten tourism jobs are found in the hospitality sector. And that's only the tip of the iceberg. Despite a challenged economy, overall trends in this industry look promising.

"Economies may stagger but people will continue to spend on fine-dining and recreation."

The Rush is On...

To college that is...and for good reason. As interest in Culinary Arts and the Hospitality industries grow, more and more people are realizing the advantage of advanced degrees. Opportunities aren't the only thing expanding; incomes are too. In fact, Culinary Arts and Hospitality bachelor-degree-holders earn nearly twice as much as those holding a high school diploma. Compare these advanced degree holders...

  • Food Scientist $ 49,862 - $ 75,800
  • Executive Chefs $ 57,471 - $ 87,563
  • Hotel Managers $ 68,000 - $124,756 those with only a high-school degree...

  • Line Cook - $20,169 - $26,396

  • Cooking Assistant $22,233 - $28,695

The dollar-difference is a sobering one indeed. Enough to convince the most cynical, that earning an advanced degree pays.

While having a college degree can move you up higher and faster on the career ladder, the chances of landing that dream job directly out of a college may not be realistic for all grads. Having a degree, however, and the experience the education provides will accelerate your job growth and your opportunity.

So Where To?

Choosing the right college, the best accredited which delivers the broad-based curriculum and hands-on experience you need, is a big decision. Just figuring it out is a job in itself.

We're to help.

TrustedMessenger has done its homework, burned the midnight oil (OK, energy saving light bulbs) and put together a resource second-to-none. A database of programs, trade schools and colleges offering certificates, diplomas and advanced degrees in Culinary Arts and Hospitality. A full-blown resource that will match dreams, interests and skills, with the academic environment best suited to you. Discover the brick and mortar campus locations closest to where you work or live. Schools are plentiful and so is course-work.

Think you can't learn about cuisines on line? Think again. Online culinary arts schools do exist. As do the local commercial kitchen environments you'll need to get the hands-on so necessary to learning your craft. Internships and apprentice programs are carefully chosen to optimize your training and subject mastery. Going "online" is super convenient and is popular with adults who schedules demand flexibility.

Financial Aid

Let's face it, college...any college, brick and mortar or online...for any level of advanced degree, is going to cost money...and coming up with the "dough" for some folks is difficult indeed. The good news is that money - in the form of scholarships, grants, and work-study - is readily available. The federal government gives-out $100-billion each year to students who qualify. Other scholarships include the ACF American Academy of Chefs Chairs ...given to exemplary students enrolled in a two or four-year culinary program.

The bottom line on money is that, "It's there." We'll help you find that and everything you need about culinary and hospitality information.


College and Career For Culinary Arts

Click on the link and we'll whip-up a culinary masterpiece of the digital kind - guaranteed to satisfy the biggest information appetite. It's our School Search GUI (that's pronounced "gooey" for our candy and dessert loving friends) - a tour de force of culinary arts information, a super-rich-resource that's calorie free and nothing short of a Five-Star experience.

So indulge yourself...because your culinary arts and hospitality career...starts now.

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