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Nursing Careers Are In Demand

Prescription for Success

Author: Chris Cox

Deciding to pursue certain careers makes incredible sense. Nursing is one of them.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nursing is the largest workforce in the healthcare industry - 2.5 million and growing. Demand for new nurses has never been higher and with an aging Baby-Boomer population that demand is skyrocketing.

In fact, demand for nurses exceeds supply. That means: Get a nursing degree from an accredited nursing program and the world is yours. Nurses enjoy a wide range of working environments, personal and financial opportunities.

"Is there a - Nurse - in the house"?

newly graduated nurses are landing great, high-paying jobs in a variety of work venues - from hospitals, clinics, emergency rooms, intensive care, government agencies, assisted living centers, companies, schools and increasingly, the home

With a chronic medical shortage, the chance of a finding a nurse (or a doctor) in a public place during an emergency is hit or miss. That's changing as market-demands for skilled nurses accelerate. And career-seekers are listening to the call...charging forward to earn a college degree. The result is newly graduated nurses are landing great, high-paying jobs in a variety of work venues - from hospitals, clinics, emergency rooms, intensive care, government agencies, assisted living centers, companies, schools and increasingly, the home.

And while a nursing career can be driven by a deep desire to help the ailing, afflicted and infirmed, income-potential and high salaries are not to be ignored. Average annual income varies from $43,000 to $63,000...with the upper 10% of nurses, commanding salaries at or near $75,000.

From Dream to Dream Job

Now that we've established great demand, equally great need, and a salary that offers an enviable standard of living, what's the next logical step? Where are the very best academic-learning environments? How do you make that dream job happen?

And the answer is...

  1.  Acquire necessary medical training from an accredited nursing program. 
  2.  Earn Associates, Bachelors or Masters Degree.  
  3.  Study hard.  

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The Career. The Calling. The College.

We've borrowed the three "C's" above from the home page of one the nation's leading nursing colleges, Chamberlain College. And for good reason: With a 120 year history of achievement, this outstanding institution offers flexible Associates and Bachelor Degree nursing programs in an academic environment, second-to-none.

Seven campuses in six states - from Virginia to Florida, Ohio to Illinois, and Missouri to Arizona. These multiple campus locations attract thousands of students for beginning and continuing education programs. Students can earn a BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) four-year degree in as few as three years.

Existing RN? Chamberlain offers an online, three-semester BSN program with no on-site clinical required.

Students seeking an Associates Degree in Nursing, may attend the Columbus, Ohio campus, receiving the ADN in six-semesters.

From Classroom Setting to the World Wide Web

Online access makes a Chamberlain education available to thousands more. Web-based courses feature live interactive chat sessions between students and faculty along with virtual lab access. Masters, Bachelors and Associates Nursing Degree programs are available.

ALL Online All-The-Time - A High Tech Academic Experience

Not to be outdone is Walden University, an ALL online educational experience. While based in Minnesota, Walden has a global perspective and reach - literally - with students world-wide benefitting from the deep resources of this cutting-edge online school's academic programs.

Founded forty-years ago as an alternative to traditional brick and mortar classroom education, Walden pioneered distance learning, taking the online experience to a whole new level.

In addition to online and offline resources for computer users, Walden offers the ultimate flexibility and convenience with MobileLearn™, the perfect solution for on-the-go students. Download podcast versions of course content to personal mobile devices and learn anywhere, anytime - for enhanced support and student learning.

Learn your Nursing Career Degree Options at the College and Resource Guide.

Degrees and Diplomas

Walden's course content and degrees programs keep pace with their technology. Boasting academically rigorous and culturally relevant programs, Walden students gain real-world skills from nationally recognized experts while collaborating with health professionals coast-to-coast. Faculty is 100% doctoral qualified. Nursing degrees include Bachelors, Masters and Post-Masters. A nursing diploma from Walden is renowned and respected.

Financial Aid and Scholarships.

Financial Aid assistance is readily available through Walden financial aid professionals. Types of Federal Aid include Pell Grants, Graduate PLUS Loans, Federal Stafford Loans and Work-Study programs.

Walden offers merit-based scholarships for academic and professional accomplishments and is available to students at all degree level pursuits - Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral.

All in all, the online nursing experience at Walden is comprehensive, enabling students from all walks of life access to the highest levels of nursing education and real-world training. Walden collaborates and partners with the finest hospital and clinic settings nationwide.

The Search is On...

Two great schools...two great programs - Chamberlain College and Walden University. While we could sing the praises of these two superb nursing programs all day long, we think it's time to empower you with choice.

So with no further academic adieu, TrustedMessenger is letting you do a little homework on your own.

Click here for our Quick School Search at the College and Resource Guide.

to learn more about the Chamberlain and Walden experiences. You'll also be able to view other schools and programs...all intended to keep you in touch with the leading academic experiences and best choices available.

Click here to find out more at the College and Resource Guide.

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