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Paralegal Careers Provde Unlimited Opportunities

College Courses, Degree Programs, Higher Incomes

Author: Chris Cox

FACT #1: The National Federation of Paralegal Associations reports 80 percent of working paralegals have completed some level of formal paralegal education.

FACT #2: Most paralegals have followed an academic path leading from initial certificate to Associates Degree and on to Bachelors.

FACT #3: Paralegal job opportunities will increase exponentially. Employers and law firms increasingly turn to paralegals to perform tasks historically done by lawyers.

What EXACTLY is a Paralegal?

Nearly 70% of paralegals work for private-practices, with the remaining 30% entering corporate venues and government agencies.

A paralegal can be defined in several ways. Two words which describe this exciting career track and one ALL students enjoy is flexibility and freedom. The option to work in a variety of ways - as a contract employee or a full-time in-house, 9 to 5'er.

Paralegals job roles vary from venue to venue, firm-to-firm, and business-to-business, but include such diverse areas as judicial decision research, improper police arrests and contract preparation. It doesn't stop there. There's literally hundreds of specialties and areas paralegals get involved in.

Nearly 70% of paralegals work for private-practices, with the remaining 30% entering corporate venues and government agencies. Whether as freelance or full-time employee, new workers gain deeper knowledge, prepping many paralegals for larger, more exciting and higher paying, future opportunities - as a paralegal or full-fledged lawyer.

Value of Education

Earning a certificate, diploma or advanced degree offers those a bevy of bounties. While higher income and more money is the most obvious, education also offers enhanced job opportunity and job growth. While certification, diplomas and degrees are not a pre-requisite to paralegal employment, getting one or more of these will pay huge dividends. Increased self-worth and self-esteem at the very least...increased career advancement at the very most.

Skills gained from certification programs alone span the list of must-knows and must-haves - from legal procedures, ethics and substantive law...all the way to better research, communication and writing skills. Generally, 3-months of entry level academic training will get your foot in the door and often a place to hang your hat.

Earn it by getting an education.


The fact remains, become a paralegal and while you may not become a millionaire overnight, you will do well. Here's the average salary in America's top five cities:

  • New York City $58,000
  • Los Angeles $52,000
  • Chicago $51,000
  • Houston $47,000
  • Miami $46,000

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School DAZE

OK, you're convinced education can have measurable results on your decision to become a paralegal or a career in law. But with so many schools to choose from, conflicting claims and over-blown advertising hype, how do you find the best school for your needs? How do you find the best school for your budget? And how do you know what level of academic achievement you'll need and whether you've reached a point of diminishing returns.

Say hello to our College and Resource Guide, a powerful database designed to provide choice, details and answers you'll need to find the perfect academic environment and college campus - online or brick & mortar...and do it faster than an arresting cop can say, "Miranda Rights."


No money. No worries. Financial Aid is available to those who qualify. The Career&Resource Guide will show where to find financial aid, what scholarships are available and how much you may qualify for.

Did you know Uncle Sam gives away $100 million each year in grants and scholarships to prospective and on-going students? The Resource Guide points the way to financial aid counseling and counselors who can make it happen.

If you have a dream to become a paralegal, a lawyer, or any one of the many careers in criminal justice, Resource Guide will get you there. And we're updating all the time. So as new schools and programs pass the TrustedMessenger litmus test, you'll be the first to find out. In the meantime, you can choose from the many already making the grade.

Across town, across the nation or a convenient mouse-click away, let us open up the exciting world of paralegal opportunities for you.

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