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Salary Negotiation Tips

Author: Dale Smock

Salary negotiation tips

Money is always one of those things that is difficult to talk about. However, when it comes to making sure you are earning the right amount at work, it is important you handle salary negotiations the correct way. Some people do not realize that when they get a new job they do not have to accept the first salary offered. Therefore, consider some of these simple tips on how you can get the salary you need and deserve.

1. Wait for the right time - It is very tempting to ask what the salary is during the first interview, but experts say you should wait. Consider the fact that during the first or second interview, you are trying to win the company over. Once you get into a more serious round of interviews or you get a job offer, then talk salary. At this point you will know that they are impressed by you and will be more willing to negotiate.

2. Show excitement - Ask Men explains that you should always show excitement when you are offered a position, no matter the initial salary offer. If you are noticeably disappointed, it will seem as though you are only after a job for compensation and are not motivated to take on the role. Show excitement first, talk salary later.

3. Remember other forms of compensation - If a company will not agree to the salary you are hoping for, The Huffington Post suggests talking about other forms of compensation like signing bonuses, an accelerated review schedule or tuition reimbursement. These are great perks and if the hiring manager agrees, request a revised offer letter.

In Brief

  • Money is always one of those things that is difficult to talk about.

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