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Five Things To Consider When Choosing A College

Author: Dennis Mock

Five things to consider when choosing a college

College can be a wonderful time in your life. You are independent and finally able to take courses in the subject that interests you mosts. However, it is important to keep several aspects in mind when deciding which college or university is best for you in order to have a satisfying and successful collegiate experience.

1. What majors and academic programs are offered - Consider what programs are available and ask yourself if any sound interesting to you. If you have the slightest interest in something, Medical Technology, for instance, make sure your school offers courses on the subject so if you decide to pursue this later you can.

2. Career services and internship opportunities - Getting a job out of college is very important for most graduates, therefore, you should find out what percentage of students find jobs and internships with the help of the college. Not all colleges are created equal in this sense.

3. Who you know there - This is important to think about in terms of what you would like your college experience to be like. If you are hoping to make all new friends and develop new interests, you might benefit from going to a school where you do not know anyone.

4. How far it is from home - Although it may seem cool to be five states away from your parents, think about what this will really mean throughout your four years of undergrad. Your parents will probably not be able to pick you up when you are sick and you will not be able to go home for a spur of the moment weekend.

5. Tuition costs - This is especially important if you are taking out student loans to attend college. Remember that the higher the tuition, the more money you will owe in the future. 

In Brief

  • College can be a wonderful time in your life.

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