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My Child Is Failing School - What Can I Do?

Author: Matthew Hutto

My child is failing school - what can I do?

Many families have a child who just can't seem to excel academically no matter what the parents do. A child's poor grades could be the result of a variety of issues from rebellion to decreased academic ability.

Some parents try to combat the issue by implementing restrictions based on bad grades, offering rewards for good grades or a mixture of the two. Unfortunately, many find that nothing seems to work and their child continues to struggle with poor academics.

However, as a parent who wants what's best for their child, you are likely concerned about college prospects and potential career competency. Consider trying a few of these suggestions to help motivate your child and alleviate your worry.

You may want to start out by helping your child get back on track. This could include making up any missed work and scheduling conferences with teachers. Empowering Parents explains that a child may feel like he has fallen into a hole and it is impossible to do well again. Help him to face the current situation head on and formulate a plan to move forward.

You may also want to get your child assessed by a professional. There might be an underlying psychological issue causing poor academic performance, behavior and overall attitude. Whether the issue is something like depression, a learning disorder or attention deficit disorder, getting a professional opinion can really benefit the situation.

You can also find something for your child to be interested in at school, and even look into enrolling him into an academic program that suits his interests. Finally, encourage your child with love and motivation. Most children and teenagers respond better to unconditional support than any consequence or even material reward.

In Brief

  • Many families have a child who just can't seem to excel academically no matter what the parents do.

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