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Three Great Cities To Raise A Family

Author: Timothy Bibbs

Three great cities to raise a family

In America's mobile culture, it's easy to move to a new city or state at the drop of a hat. Finding a house or apartment, organizing a move and building a new life are all much easier with the internet. However, one thing that's not easy is deciding where to go. If you're planning on raising a family, here's a list of places that might make the perfect location.

Raleigh, North Carolina
With its high median income and renowned schools, Raleigh is a good city for a family of any size. The temperate climate, friendly locals and strong history also make it a good bet. Kids will love the easy access to scenic natural wonders and parents will enjoy the lively culture and good dining options.

Washington D.C.
The nation's capital is another good place for a family. With museums and monuments galore, finding an educational activity will never be tough. Its convenient location makes getting to and from relatives fairly easy, and it's attractions make it a common vacation destination for friends. Moreover, its variety of distinct and interesting neighborhoods make it a great place for nights out - which won't be uncommon due to the high density of young, willing babysitters.

Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota
Although the winters can be cold and blustery, the twin cities are warm and welcoming to families. With their vast network of parks, family camping trips and hikes are always easy. As a jewel of the midwestern cities, these two, connected cities always attract high quality arts and entertainment, from theater to fine art. With a collection of fine schools and an affordable cost of living, these cities make a perfect place for a young and growing family.

In Brief

  • If you're planning on raising a family, here's a list of places that might make the perfect location.

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