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Top Smartphone Apps For Moms

Author: Danielle Purnell

Top smartphone apps for moms

As a mom your day is jam packed from start to finish. It is likely your responsibility to get the children up, dressed and off to school in the morning. You might work a full day and later have to figure out what to feed the family for dinner. Therefore, you could use all of the help you can get. The good new is that smartphones like the iPhone and Android powered devices can make things a little easier if you use some of these applications that are perfect for busy moms.

1. OurKids - This allows you to record family events along with text, photos and videos. Use it as a sort of digital scrapbook of your family's adventures or use it as a notepad to jot down things you want to remember.

2. eNag - Do you feel like you always have to remind your son to take out the recycling on Tuesday or remind yourself to make cookies for the bake sale? eNag allows you to set reminders in the form of a text message that will be sent to the proper person on the date and time you preselect.

3. Ace Budget - Helps keep track of your budget and lets you compare spending habits with easy-to-read charts and graphs. You won't have to save receipts anymore because it will all be on your phone.

4. Intuition: Mom's Personal Assistant - This is the ultimate in organization for moms. It helps you to stay up to take with tasks in categories including calls, errands, family, grocery shopping, wish list and everything else. It can be hard to remember everything, now you don't have to!

5. Expecting - Perfect for moms-to-be, this app allows you to keep track of all of your doctor appointments and offers weekly tips based on your week of pregnancy.

In Brief

  • As a mom your day is jam packed from start to finish.

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