Three Things To Never Throw In The Trash

Author: Thomas Pray

Three things to never throw in the trash

These days, almost everyone is trying to go a little green. It's clear that people should do their part to take an environmental initiative to protect human and wildlife health. However, some are unsure how to go about doing this. While there are a variety of things you can do to go green, consider starting off by never throwing these things in the trash.

1. Hazardous materials - The Learning Channel explains there are certain hazardous materials that can damage the ecosystem if thrown in the trash instead of being properly recycled. One of these things is batteries. The chemicals can leach out of the container and become problematic. Paints, stains and varnishes should also never be put in the trash but discarded at a designated hazardous materials collection location.

2. Electronics - It does not matter if your electronics are in working order or broken and outdated, there is likely a nearby spot you could recycle or donate them. There are now a variety of companies that specialize in refurbishing old laptops, televisions, radios and just about any electronics you can think of, for schools or underprivileged individuals. Many of these things can also be used for parts in new items.

3. Things you don't need - Just because you don't need them anyone doesn't mean there isn't someone else who does. Mother Nature Network suggests, for example, you can visit any local optometrist to give your outdated prescription eyeglasses to OneSight, a nonprofit organization that promotes optical research and education worldwide. Likewise, always donate old clothes, bedding and other linens to an organization like Goodwill.

In Brief

  • These days, almost everyone is trying to go a little green.

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