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How Can I Keep My Energy Level Up At The Gym?

Author: Beth Bahr

How can I keep my energy level up at the gym?

It is easy to get burnt out at the gym quickly. After doing 30 minutes of cardio it can sometimes seem impossible to even think about hitting the weights or getting an ab circuit in before you pass out. But if you are hoping to slim down or tone up, going to the gym and having the energy to complete a quality workout session is essential. If you are having trouble staying energized and motivated, consider following these suggestions and you should notice a boost in your overall stamina. 

Eating the right foods before a workout provides your body with the fuel it needs to have an efficient work out.Consider eating whole grains like oatmeal and wheat bread, instead of refined carbs. You might be thinking, "But wait! I'm trying to lose weight, why would I want to eat a bunch of carbs?" These foods, however, fall into the category of good carbs because of the energy they provide.

Finding a workout partner is another great way to stay motivated and energized at the gym. Not only will your exercise buddy not let you slack off those nights you would rather just stay on the couch, but he will also keep you on pace during your workout. Furthermore, he can provide praise when you do a good job.

The fitness website also suggests downloading a great playlist to enjoy while working out. A poll on reports that 45.7 percent of people stay motivated by listening to rock music and 28.6 percent like to listen to rap music. No matter what your favorite music is, having upbeat tunes every time you work out can make a big difference.

In Brief

  • It is easy to get burnt out at the gym quickly.

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