Three Ways To Burn More Calories Every Day (without Going To The Gym!)

Author: Mike Yates

Three ways to burn more calories every day (without going to the gym!)

After the holiday season many people look in the mirror and are not so keen on what they see. Experts say that the average American gains 1 to 5 pounds from Thanksgiving through New Year's Day, and it is important to lose this weight so that the pounds do not pack on year after year and lead to obesity. Those who do not enjoy going to the gym or fear that they won't have enough time in their schedules for an afternoon job, shouldn't worry because there are several ways you can burn more calories throughout the day and barely realize you're doing it!

1. Walk - Although this may be intuitive, many people forgetting to get up and do more walking during the day. While you are at work, take time to walk around the office or even around the block. Many companies use company messaging systems, but don't get too lazy. Get up and go talk to colleagues sometimes instead of messaging or e-mailing them. You can also park your car farther away from the store to get more walking in during the week. All of the little things will probably add up to more than you think.

2. Drink cold water - Cold water helps to burn calories because your body has to use energy warming it up once you ingest it. Plus, getting the recommended eight glasses of water a day can decrease bloat and flush out your system of all the bad things you ate over the holidays. The benefits of drinking water are seemingly endless.

3. Add some spice - Spicy foods have been reported to speed up your metabolism. So add some jalapenos to your salad for a little extra boost in calorie burning.  

In Brief

  • After the holiday season many people look in the mirror and are not so keen on what they see.

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