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Organizing Your Home Entertainment System, Movies And Music

Author: Beth Bahr

Organizing your home entertainment system, movies and music

For those who consider themselves movie buffs, the ideal way to fill idle time is to pop in a favorite movie. Alternatively, music lovers might sit back and relax while listening to the sounds of a favorite musical artists.

Of course, you need all the necessary technology to do so - a TV and DVD or Blu-ray player, a CD player and a docking system for your mp3 player, if you have one. Vinyl is experiencing something of a revival lately, so you might want to include a record player. Although you can play most of these forms of media through a computer, it won't convey the same experience.

All of these electronic items need to be organized in one place, for several reasons. First, it's not the least bit aesthetically appealing to have all of these products laying around in your living room - they need to be incorporated into the decor and not stick out like a sore thumb. Also, all those wires can be one heck of a mess if they're not properly organized.

You'll want to have a TV stand that has separate compartments where each item - CD player, receiver and amplifer, speakers, DVD or Blu-ray player, record player and video game system - can fit without causing a problem while also looking good. Optimally, it should have space for you to fit your DVDs, CDs and vinyl - you might be able to avoid buying additional shelving units that way.

As a final aesthetic matter, you should consider how your movies and music are organized. For some this might sound esoteric, and others will consider it vital. You can't go wrong with alphabetical, but you can also try a chronological system, or group items by genre. It's an intensely subjective concern, but worth taking the time to think about.

How important is your movie or music collection to you?

In Brief

  • For those who consider themselves movie buffs, the ideal way to fill idle time is to pop in a favorite movie.

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