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Home Improvement

The very word can conjure-up warm and wonderful feelings of the most basic kind. For many of us, home is more than a concrete slab surrounded by a wooden frame. It's the centerpiece, the mantle of our material world, a place whose very essence is fundamental to family and life itself.

At TrustedMessenger we know just how important "home" is to our readers. It's for that reason we've made HOME a fundamental and vital category of what we do here at TM - connecting our readers to the most trusted home products and services and to the most experienced, trusted home industry professionals we can find.

Your home is the single largest, most important investment you'll ever make. Regardless of whether you're the type that lives in the same house for a lifetime or the type who favors mobility - moving "up and out" every eight years or so - keeping your home in tip-top shape, is for many homeowners, Priority #1. And it should be. Well-maintained homes will hold value longer and gain value faster as market and economic conditions - both local and national - improve. Not to mention the improved quality of life a better-maintained home delivers to all who live within its walls and under its roof. Adding, replacing or changing important home elements, structural and aesthetic, can give us the house-equivalent of that "new car feeling". Laying down new floors, installing new windows or attaching custom-made cabinets can pay huge dividends, both in creature comfort and livability.

According to home building and real estate experts and in terms of importance, practicality and re-sale value, the exterior areas of a home deserving the most attention are: roof, siding, windows, and yard. On the interior, it's: kitchen, bathrooms, flooring, lighting, and appliances. Making the Top Ten home improvement list and one deserving attention and homeowner consideration: security systems. With an increase in home burglaries and predicted spikes in residential crime, the interest (and need) in protecting family and possessions continues to gain momentum.

Another critical concern for today's homeowner/consumer and one not to be ignored is energy conservation. When it comes to saving energy, many homeowners underestimate the vital role windows and doors play in keeping hot and cold air where it needs to be. Purchase and install windows with a lower "U-Value" and you've insured you'll not only save energy and stay more comfortable year-round, but you'll save big on monthly utility bills as well. New or replacement windows - installed by the most reliable and trusted contractors do exactly that. TrustedMessenger can put you in touch with your areas most reliable professionals.

When it comes to saving energy - siding and roof materials rank right-up there with windows and doors. In fact, a roof is one of the most critical parts of a home when in comes to energy conservation.

Use only the most energy-efficient materials while you insist on installation by a licensed, trusted contractor and you could - over the life of your roof - save thousands in lower utility bills. Do so and you'll also protect the planet by conserving more of its valuable energy resources.

Thinking and buying "Green" can also save you lots of green. In fact, specific tax credits have been saving energy-savvy consumers up to $1,500 for certain energy-saving products and services. Energy efficient doors and windows, insulation, advanced air handlers, air force heat pumps, central A/C units and metal and asphalt roofs can result in certain tax credits. To find out more and if energy-efficient products you choose qualify, ask any one of the local professionals TrustedMessenger can connect you to.

And speaking of energy efficiency, we'd be remiss if we didn't dedicate a few important words to the topic of home siding. Siding has come a long way from the 1950's. Today's sophisticated homeowners have an incredible range of materials to choose. From the better known aluminum and vinyl, homeowners are also turning to stone, brick and brick veneer, stucco, wood, and even steel. While we can't recommend one over another, we can connect you to local, licensed home siding experts you can trust. A professional from your area who will add value, beauty, and energy-efficiency while helping preserve your most important investment.

We'd be equally remiss if we didn't spend a little time talking about what many homeowners consider their favorite remodeling topic - bathrooms and kitchens. At the very least, both remain an absolute necessity, so it's only "natural" that making these rooms inviting and stylish follows suit. Form does indeed follow function and for many - the family cook, the family itself and visitors alike - the kitchen is where we choose to spend our social time. It's the room where we mix food with conversation and exactly why it rates at the top of home remodeling projects. From new colors and wall textures, to new floors, new lighting, new cabinetry and new appliances, the kitchen possesses endless possibilities to improve our homes and our lives. For many it's the perfect interior area to remodel on a budget. With so many kitchen product choices available, competition among manufacturers remains keen.

When talking product-choice, the bathroom ranks a close second to its interior cousin, the kitchen. From a luxury standpoint, the bath, powder or "W.C." room as much of the world calls it, is in a league of its own. Texture, material and lighting take on a whole new meaning here. From basic shower rods to full vanities, from Jacuzzi tubs to granite tile enclosures, the bathroom can delight the senses and relax the mind. It's a sanctuary- escape and homeowners know it's a smart investment too. Bathrooms, as do kitchens, help sell a house. So whether you're looking for creature comforts or looking to impress, or both, when it comes to remodeling, look to the bathroom first and you'll never look back.

On the exterior side of things and for many week-end warriors, it's decks, porches, driveways, concrete, brick and stone. Landscaping, spas, pools and saunas also draw high numbers when it comes to areas getting the most use and attention. Whatever your priority or area of interest - inside or out - we know a home well-taken care of will produce healthy returns - physical, mental, and financial.

For today's homeowner, knowing what to choose and where to choose can be hit or miss. Another reason why we recommend turning to the experts. Choosing pros who know the ins and outs of models, materials, and manufacturers - the kind of pros TrustedMessenger will connect you with. Connecting you with great products and trusted services is part of our DNA - one driven by a customer service frame of mind. We encourage you to take care of your home and do it knowing you've made the best choices possible.