Avoiding Financial Stress Helps Promote Positive Family Interactions

Author: Arthur Truax

Avoiding financial stress helps promote positive family interactions

The extreme consequences of financial difficulties are not in any way pretty. Saying that is actually a contender for understatement of the century, given the recent economic history of much of the world. Second mortgages, bankruptcy and the lasting effects of an unfavorable credit report are just a few of the potential pitfalls of mistakes made with money.

A number of recent studies, most concerned with behavior documented during the 2007-2009 economic recession, highlighted another possible effect of stress stemming from money problems: child abuse among parents of younger children.

This is no more - or less - alarming than the aforementioned direct effects of wallet-related woes, but it is distressing on a more visceral, almost more tangible level. Disturbing or not, facts are facts: the amount of shaken-baby cases and physical abuse leading to brain injuries in the U.S. rose notably during the late 2000s economic downturn.

If you're going through a tough time right now with your family's personal finances, then it's especially important to take note of this statistic. Chances are, you're your friends' prime pick for mother of the year, regardless of problems with credit, insurance, car payments, or whatever else is ailing you financially.

Take a look at your children, and you'll undoubtedly realize that they are your highest priority. They're the reason you get up in the morning, and assurance of their safety grants you sleep at night. Can you really imagine hurting them, even in the midst of a mental meltdown prompted by a debt collector's voicemail?

Look into getting yourself an appointment with a financial counselor specializing in issues of debt, or one otherwise appropriate to your situation. Don't let yourself worry about what could happen to your money, concentrate on what won't happen thanks to your efforts and devotion to your family.

What do you do to calm down when stress hits you, regarding money or any other issue?

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  • The extreme consequences of financial difficulties are not in any way pretty.
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