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A market that's up one day and down the next. We'll help fix those blues with a prescription even a CPA could appreciate. Our experts explain where to apply the tourniquet - how to stop the bleeding - and when to start the financial transfusion putting you squarely on the road to a healthier bottom line. TrustedMessenger knows the importance of identity protection so we make it our business to know which companies provide the very best levels of protection available today. Identity theft is a multi-billion dollar business of crime and opportunity. Don't become a victim.

Money. If making it was as easy as spending it, the vast majority of working-type folks would be millionaires, billionaires, and beyond. At the very least, most of us would be substantially wealthier than we are today.

Let's face it. We all need to make money, but the fact is, making money takes time, energy and good old fashioned hard work. Making it grow or making your money work for you, takes wise and prudent investment strategies, discipline, some good luck along the way and a healthy and consistent dose of diversification. In any economy... especially in the challenging one our nation faces today, it's important to diversify so all your eggs aren't in one basket.

Money does indeed make the world go round and here at TrustedMessenger we're here to help you make smart choices about your money and finances. How? By providing valuable information regarding a variety of of time-tested financial strategies, market-proven methods, and valuable information to help you make money and save money. Not a saver you say? The Free TrustedMessenger Newsletter can help you by providing key strategies to help improve your financial future.

One of the most powerful forces in the world of money is credit. Good credit scores are normally required to get the lowest interest rate on mortgages, car loans and other high-ticket items when a cash payment is impractical. Want to start a business? Short of having a rich uncle or your own cash reserves, chances are you'll need a bank loan to turn that dream into a reality. Having good credit is an absolute must if you're looking for a positive nod from your local banker. TrustedMessenger can connect you to the wisdom of credit experts who can help you gain a strong understanding of the ins and outs of maintaining a healthy credit standing.

Got credit problems? TrustedMessenger can connect you to information regarding your credit score, your credit report, and how to improve your credit score. In addition, with identify theft becoming more and more of a threat to Americans, we can connect you to information that will explain how you can monitor changes to your credit report on a daily basis. Essentially, credit monitoring can be your "first line of defense against identity theft."

And here's a concept on the radar screens of smart people who choose to work...well, "smart." It's called "passive income" - another powerful and consistent way to create viable income streams while you sleep, leave on vacation, or even retire. It's really not income that requires no work, but income that can often be earned by figuring out a way to serve people or sell products 'round the clock' even when you're sleeping.

It is possible to earn money and not "work" in a traditional sense while you earn income - once you've got a system in place. Passive income is not for people looking to make fast money. It is for people wanting a source of income they can rely on - day in and day out. and the free TrustedMessenger Newsletter can help connect you to proven ways to earn a passive and residual income.

At Trusted Messenger, we want to help you make informed decisions regarding your money, your career and your financial future. Our aim is to be a resource that enhances your quality of life and improves your bottom line. Have a money-related subject or concern you'd like us to address? Email us and we'll try to help.