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Save Loose Change And Put It To Use

Author: Beth Bahr

Save loose change and put it to use

Many people get loose change throughout the day but somehow never manage to put it to work. Perhaps the handful of change from the grocery store ends up in a car cup holder, or the extra dimes from lunch get thrown into a desk drawer a work, but loose change often goes unused and forgotten. This can add up to a lot of money lost during the year, so why not actually save all of this change and use it for something? Get a designated change container and start using it during your daily activities and in frequent situations.

Everyone has been at the car wash and needs that extra quarter or two to keep the water running just a bit longer. Instead of driving away with the soap scum you didn't quite have the funds to rinse off, simply reach into your change purse for that extra bit you need.

Or what about when you're driving on the interstate and you have all of a sudden come face to face with a toll. You see that it is exact change only and you can't seem to find your EZ Pass. If you have your designated change container, this will not be a problem and you can avoid the expensive fines that result from running a toll without paying.

Public laundry mats are another example of the necessity of loose change. While public laundry mats are a staple of city living, if you have a washer and dryer inside of your home you may not frequent a spot like this. However, about an emergency situation? For instance, you lose power the day before you are suppose to go out of town and you have no choice but to wash your clothing in a coin operated laundry center. In cases like this, it would be useful to have loose change on hand. 

In Brief

  • Many people get loose change throughout the day but somehow never manage to put it to work.

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