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Save Money In College

Author: Dennis Mock

Save money in college

When you are in college it can seem impossible to save money. Unfortunately, a heavy course load and hectic activity schedule can also make it tough to hold down a job while an undergrad. But there are ways to still have a great college experience without racking up credit card balances or driving your parents crazy.

You can save money in college by simply making a point to enjoy free or inexpensive activities as often as possible. For instance, if your friends enjoy going out for dinner, suggest making dinner together and enjoying it in the dorm common room or a friend's off campus apartment. Your friends are not going out just to be at a restaurant, they are going out to spend time together. Go to the grocery store as a group and have everyone chip in to make pizza or grill hamburgers. You'll save money and your friends will enjoy a change of pace.

Also, take advantage of the free activities your school offers. Some students may think it is dorky to attend some of these events, but don't knock it until you try it. Think about it; the programs that a college or university puts on are meant to target your age group, plus when you have your friends by your side, anything can be a good time. See if your school offers things like Midnight dodge ball or Bingo Night.

Finally, save money on the essentials. There is no reason to buy textbooks at the college bookstore. Stop by non-affiliated book stores in town or try an online website. Just because you have to have textbooks doesn't mean you have to spend a fortune on the them. On the same note, just because you have to go to class doesn't mean you have to waste gas money driving there. Walk as often as possible to save a little and get some exercise.

In Brief

  • When you are in college it can seem impossible to save money.

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