Winter Activities That Won't Break The Bank

Author: Arthur Truax

Winter activities that won't break the bank

Winter can be a dreary time of the year. The earlier nights and cold weather can leave you feeling down and aching for the activities you enjoyed during the summer. Most activities, like going to a movie, can keep you busy while the temperatures are low, but can cost a bundle. However, there are multiple activities you can enjoy with the family that will keep you busy and keep your pockets full while you hope for the groundhog to not see his shadow.

Consider using this time of year to catch up on indoor activities. Have you been meaning to read that book your mother suggested or hoping to watch the movies on a top 100 list? Now is your chance. Consider joining the local library for access to countless books and movies and memberships are free to residents.

Also, you could take up a new hobby or pursue a previous interest. This may be the perfect time to practice baking or get back into crocheting. Staying active with things that you enjoy is the best way to remain upbeat throughout the entire season and is a great way to discover a hidden talent.

When it snows, try to take part in the activities you enjoyed as a kid. Go sledding with your children, build a snowman with your significant other or organize a full fledged snowball fight with your coworkers. Although it can be easy to get annoyed with the snow, especially if you live in a place like Boston or Chicago, remember how wonderful it was when you were younger and try to relive those memories as an adult.

You could also help others who are less fortunate by volunteering at a local soup kitchen or donating to charity. The colder temperatures can be very troubling for the homeless especially, and helping others will likely put you in a good mood all winter long. 

In Brief

  • Winter can be a dreary time of the year.

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