Feeling At Home While Traveling

Author: Dennis Mock

Feeling at home while traveling

One of the downsides of extensive travelling is all the time you have to spend in a hotel room. Waking up in an anonymous and impersonal room can sour your mood for the rest of the day. It doesn't have to be this way though. With a little creativity, it's easy to make your hotel room feel more like home.

Make the mini bar your ally
Spending a lot of time in a hotel also means you're away from your kitchen - an important component of feeling at ease. Stock your hotel room's fridge or mini bar with healthy comfort food to help you ease the transition. Saving yourself from having to find a restaurant every time you need a snack is a sure way to disrupt your comfort.

Load up your laptop
Instead of idly flipping through the channels (many of them unfamiliar to you) looking for something to watch, fill your laptop or tablet with some of your favorite shows or movie. If you're watching something you truly love, it matters a lot less that you're far from your couch.

Bring your nightstand with you
Not the actual furniture, of course, but the important things on top of it. Having your own alarm clock, book or family photo right by your side can make your room feel a lot more personal. Waking up in the middle of the night with that nagging feeling of dislocation can be substantially eased with a few simple items from your own bedside.

Settle in
If you're going to be spending more than a few nights there, unpack your luggage and get cozy. Living out of a suitcase adds to the feeling of being a weary traveler. Doing something as simple as setting out your belongings and putting your clothes in the dresser can help you feel more at ease.

In Brief

  • With a little creativity, it's easy to make your hotel room feel more like home.
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