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Walter Burch, Editor-In-Chief of brings more than twenty-five years experience as a writer, producer, broadcast journalist, and managing editor in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Throughout his career, Mr. Burch has written and produced educational media, financial reports, radio, television, and multimedia presentations for leading corporations such as JP Morgan/Chase, First Data, Computer Sciences Corp, Merisel, AT&T, and many others.

About Trusted Messenger is an informational web portal that is provided free of charge to consumers. Our mission is to assist consumers by providing vital and accurate information and resources to help consumers make educated and informed decisions regarding a wide range of products and services.

Through the Trusted Messenger Newsletter, as well as feature articles, interviews, and videos, Trusted Messenger's mission is to, not only inform consumers regarding outstanding products and services, but also to provide convenient referrals to those products and services, at the visitor's request.

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