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Travel is tonic for the soul, the body...and for much of the monotony that ails us...bringing a much-needed infusion of "newness" to our daily routine. Traveling can be fun, exciting, even thrilling - offering a change of pace and a change of scenery. Leaving for vacation and taking a trip allows us to escape the repetition of every-day living and is often just what the doctor ordered. Traveling can make us feel "alive" again...providing those who venture-out, new sights and sounds along with a fresh and more joyful perspective.

And despite a sluggish economy, demand for traveling continues to soar. A number of economists believe the much-needed escape offered by travel actually incentivize news-weary adults. For many, "It's time to get out of Dodge." What could be better than a sun-splashed week in a secluded Caribbean hide-a-way? Or a three-day jaunt up the California coast to a romantic B&B? How about a trip with the kids to Orlando and its myriad of action-packed theme parks?

Travel guides, travel magazines and the popular Travel Channel - all re-affirm, "Vacation and travel choices are as diverse as the imagination." Think about it and chances are you can find it. Liverpool, England, for example and birthplace of the 1960's pop sensation, The Beatles, became a recent travel destination as scores of music lovers descended on the town honoring the late John Lennon. People want different, unique and meaningful reality-breaks. Today's vast array of choices offers exactly that. And people want great deals. Travel-centric Web sites, from Travelocity to TravelZoo attest to the pent-up demand for value. In the midst of a challenged economy, "value-driven" is more in demand than ever. People seek travel perks and activities without compromising quality. Group tours are on the rise as well, as vacationers turn-to exotic travel experiences at lower price-points.

So called "niche travel" is on the upswing and is expected to grow. Culinary tours, yoga retreats, fly-fishing, white-water rafting, even cruise ships bound for the deep-blue Antarctic - specialized travel destinations are bringing travel to a whole new level.

And travel bargains are plentiful too. Exotic doesn't mean "expensive." Travel specials and discount packages abound so finding a deal no longer means going without. Amenities are first-class - even on a budget - if you know how and where to find them.

Here at TrustedMessenger, we're helping to make that happen by connecting our readers to travel bargains, special deals and vacations which save you money. Last minute travel decisions or a late-night epiphany signaling it's time for that well-deserved break don't mean you've got to spend your very last dime to get there. Special low-air fares can be had at the "eleventh hour" even if your bags are barely packed. Airlines routinely suffer from unsold inventory - especially in the off-season, so staying on top-of that travel aspect can pay huge "fun" dividends. Keep in mind, off-season doesn't necessarily mean the middle of our American winter. What's considered "off-season" depends on what you're choosing and where on the planet the destination is located. Downhill snow skiing in Argentina's world-renowned Bariloche, for example, occurs smack-dab in the middle of our summer.

Known as the American Switzerland, U.S air carriers often have available seats to areas south of the equator. So even if the calendar says "July", you can still grab that snow board or ski boots, down jacket and gloves, while you head south for snow. Smart travelers remain vigilant for off-the-beaten-track travel opportunities - from Chile to New Zealand, Tokyo to St. Tropez, whatever side of the equator you're thinking about traveling to, it pays to pay attention.

Think a cruise is something you'd like to try - perhaps for the very first time? Thousands do so every single year and more are climbing on-board everyday.