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Green - What Does It Mean to You?

When you hear the word "Green" what do you think of? Food you should eat more of to stay healthy? The stuff you want to keep in your wallet to be wealthy? Or, does it mean the current environmental revolution that is changing and improving our world? The truth is green can mean many things, but when it comes to the environment, it represents opportunities that you and your family can take advantage of for a brighter, healthier and wealthier future!

Many people are in favor of making their home and lifestyle greener, environmental or energy efficient but believe it is not in their budget. To help out, the U.S. government, local utility companies and manufacturers are making "going green" much more affordable and cost-effective by offering consumers tax credits and rebates when they replace old energy wasteful products. Would you like to find out how you, like countless consumers, may get substantial savings on energy efficient products and cut your utility bills?

What is an Energy Star Label?

The Energy Star label is a government approval sticker found on energy efficient products and indicates that these products quality for tax credits. That's all well and good you might say, but your budget still won't allow you to upgrade your home. This is a common misconception.

According to "The Washington Post," with respect to energy savings and costs, you could potentially save even more than the Energy Star label suggests as the label is comparing its rated appliances' energy usage with new not old appliances. A new qualifying, energy efficient appliance that replaces a decades-old appliance could conceivably pay for itself within a very short span of time - possibly one to two years!

How? Your old appliances become less and less efficient as years pass. For instance, savings for dishwashers, refrigerators and freezers ranged from 15% to a whopping 81% in water and energy usage with new Energy Star appliances.

Informed Shopping Saves

At TrustedMessenger, we encourage you to take your time when shopping for green home improvement products. Make sure that you do your homework, compare prices, and ask for more than one quote. In addition, we encourage you to bookmark our site and check it often, as we are always updating it with new articles, links, product reviews, expert recommendations, and a host of other resources about energy efficient green products and services - all created just for you, the smart and conscientious shopper.

When is Red, White and Blue - Green?

You may be unaware that the U.S. government is offering a veritable treasure trove of tax rebates and credits for those who would like to enjoy living green. Some tax credits and rebates for Energy Star rated or green products amount to up to 30% off the cost. Some even include installation and last through 2011 or beyond!

You may also be surprised at how many ways you can both afford and save money while increasing the value, comfort and energy efficiency of your home.

Green in Your Pocket

What are the many green products and home improvements you can take advantage of to help put money back in your pocket? Here is a list of product areas that, if qualified as Energy Star rated, the government could credit or rebate substantial money to you the consumer.

  • Windows, Doors, Skylights
  • Insulation (including home siding)
  • Roofs (Metal & Asphalt)
  • Energy Star Appliances (e.g., stoves, dishwashers, refrigerators)
  • Biomass Stoves
  • Central Air Conditioning (CAC)
  • Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning (HVAC)
  • Advanced Main Air Circulating Fan
  • Water Heaters (non-solar)
  • Air Source Heat Pumps
  • Gas, Propane, or Oil Hot Water Boiler
  • Natural Gas, Propane or Oil Furnace
  • Electric Heat Pump Water Heater
  • Geothermal Heat Pumps
  • Small Wind Turbines (Residential)
  • Solar Energy Systems
  • Solar Water Heaters
  • Solar Panels (Photovoltaic Systems)
  • Fuel Cells (Residential Fuel Cell and Microturbine System)
  • Whatever you're searching for to make your home and lifestyle more green, saving money and the environment can be easy - if you know where the values, tax credits, utility company and manufacturer rebates are.

    TrustedMessenger wants to be there for you to help you make the best quality of life home improvement decisions. When you decide to "go green" with energy efficient products - whether it be windows, roofing, siding, appliances, solar panels or something other - we want to help you get the best products, services, satisfaction and sustainable savings for years to come.

    We can connect you with experts in the green products and green building field and provide you with links to helpful articles and product reviews, and keep you informed of the latest tools and resources designed to help you go green and save green (your money).