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Online college may be the most exciting development in education since the book was invented. And judging by online education's nearly unlimited potential to motivate, liberate and educate, that may in time, prove to be a bold understatement. The simple truth is that the Internet has leveled the playing field and college is more accessible than ever before.

The university has come to the home computer and working adults are booting-up and signing-on. From refresher courses to PhD's, thousands of Americans are embracing the online experience. And why not? The ease, convenience, cost-savings and benefits of online education make college attendance available to those who could - before - only dream of an advanced degree. Going to college has never been easier or more affordable. On average the cost of an online education runs half, (50% less) of their brick and mortar counter-parts.

Traditional colleges are just too expensive and for many simply not an option. The advantages of online education make this the smart choice for any adult seeking to improve their life, boost their income and acquire the skills to succeed. Online education provides an opportunity to earn an advanced certificate, Associates, Bachelors, Masters or PhD, and do it in a way that makes economic sense. It also provides the additional benefit of "attending" class online at a time convenient to any schedule. Online makes logistical sense too. Online learning is available 24-7 and for busy adults, it's the fast track to acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary to cope in an increasingly competitive and demanding world. The benefits of online education are changing the way we learn.

  • Need access to a wide range of classes? Online provides it.
  • Need to get that important degree to increase your income? Online provides it.
  • Need access to highly specific curriculum without a long commute? Online provides it.
  • Need lower tuition costs? Online provides it.

Make the choice to go "online" and you'll get classes, curriculum and degrees that are practically unlimited. Top online schools have literally re-invented the college experience, leaving no stone un-turned or student need un-addressed. For those academic areas which demand lab or on-site learning environments, the online schools featured at TrustedMessenger have that covered too. There are no limitations to the online experience. It is re-writing the rules and setting the tempo of where education is headed in the 21st Century. Bill Gates sees the idea of adults seeking traditional universities for education, is in his words eventually "going away". Gates also says that place-based college education will soon be far less important than it is today. The future of online education, according to Gates, looks bright indeed.

For anyone in need of career advancement, a college degree is practically mandatory. With few exceptions, college is the primary ticket to higher pay, more job opportunity and increased economic security. In a challenged and super-competitive economy, a college degree and the additional job skills and knowledge college provides, is a "must have". As important as college is, attending any college or university - brick and mortar or the popular online alternative, there's a few things you'll need to consider.

These include:

  • Types of certificates, diplomas and degrees offered
  • Reputation of teaching staff
  • Accredited / Non-accredited
  • Career advice and job connections for grads
  • Time (months, years) to achieve education goals
  • Financial Aid - grants, scholarships and work-study offered

Today's leading online college and university programs provide classes and degrees for the most exciting, most in-demand careers, including:

*Art and Design *Business *Criminal Justice *Culinary Arts *Education *Engineering*Health Care *Hospitality *Human Services *Liberal Arts *Math *Nursing *Paralegal *Political *Religious *Technology

...and that's just the beginning. New classes, new course-work, and degree programs are expanding all the time.

Worried about not having enough money to sign-on and sign-up for the online educational experience? Worry not...because when it comes to financing your online education and career dreams, TrustedMessenger connects you to the latest information on Pell Grants, Graduate PLUS Loans, Federal Stafford Loans and other financial aid. We'll guide you to a variety of on-line and off-line resources aimed at making your search for tuition-money and related academic financing easier and more efficient. It's money you can use for tuition, academic support and the financial assistance. Uncle Sam earmarks about $100 billion each year for students in need of financial support. If you qualify, it's money you can use to bring the dream of a college education one big step closer. We encourage those in need of financial assistance to take advantage of these programs and do so before bureaucratic changes or cut-backs inside the Washington D.C. beltway affect monies allocated for education.

Regardless, no matter how or where your funds may come, it pays to get a higher education. Higher education leads to higher pay, increased job opportunities and a more secure future.

That future begins with preparation. And preparation begins with education. And while certain industries and related opportunities look plentiful in 2011 and beyond, the best jobs and best paying jobs will belong to those best prepared.

Education is that preparation.

Going to college, for a class, a refresher course or a two or four year degree, isn't just for "twenty-somethings" anymore. Whether you graduated in 1950 or 2010 or somewhere in between, going to college is now more affordable, more convenient and smart for any age group. In a highly-competitive world, getting a degree isn't just "smart", it's vital.

So vital, that without one, you've cut your lifetime earnings potential in half. A college grad makes on the average about twice as much as his or her high school counterpart. Advanced degree holders, Masters and PhD go even higher, making the disparity for those that hold one and those who don't, even more dramatic.

A recent U.S. Census survey found adults, 18 years and older with a bachelor's degree earned an average of $51,554. A whopping $24,000 more than comparable high school only grads. Those with advanced degrees, Masters and PhD's did even better, taking home an average of $78,093.

Online college programs have come of age. Many of those schools are now playing "catch-up" with the online schools that have mastered the technology. The advantages of online education and earning an online degree are simply too huge to ignore. For those wanting to earn an advanced certificate in your field, online education pays benefits there as well.

One of our most important missions here at TrustedMessenger is keeping you in touch with the world of online education and online education programs. To achieve that, we've put together an impressive line-up of information on schools, classes and related job opportunities. We've listed the best of the best, bringing the world of online education closer than ever before. And we're adding the most cogent, the most razor-sharp data to that list, so you'll have the latest information for all your college objectives, dreams and plans.

The writing is on the wall. Advanced training and education is more important than ever in today's economy. The good news is, more and more Online graduates are completing their education online and succeeding in their chosen fields. They're being joined by thousands more coming online, getting degrees, taking classes - the same who'll be going-on to successful and higher-paying jobs. If you're thinking a higher education online program is something you'd benefit from, we invite you to spend a few minutes and click on TrustedMessenger's online college program links. It will be time well spent -- time that could help transform your career and your financial future.