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If you're like most people, the very thought of losing those things that you consider most valuable and have worked so hard for to get - whether it's your home, an automobile, or personal belongings like jewelry - can be very upsetting. Add in to the equation your spouse, children, or even your pet, and the effects of an unexpected loss or accident (such as a flood, fire, or death) may be even more devastating. Fortunately, having a good insurance policy can significantly reduce the amount or type of loss that you might incur, and consequently, lessen the pain and suffering that typically follows an unplanned emergency or personal tragedy. With those things in mind, how confident are you of your insurance policies, regardless of the type? And if you are not insured, do you have a back-up plan should the unthinkable happen?

TrustedMessenger wants to be there for you when you have made that all-important decision to purchase insurance either for yourself, your family, or to protect your assets. We can connect you with experts in the field, provide you links to helpful articles and product reviews, and keep you informed of the latest tools and resources designed for your insurance needs, whatever they may be - life, health, long-term care, homeowners, auto, or travel.

Purchasing insurance, no matter what type, is not something to be taken lightly. Sure, you can ask your friends or coworkers for advice, but in most cases, unless they are licensed to sell insurance, their advice may not be what's best for you. For instance, are you wondering whether or not you need life insurance? Depending on whether you own property or not, and your domestic status, you may not even need life insurance. However, many experts recommend that you start considering life insurance if, say, you have a spouse, partner or relative that you want to leave money, if your mortgage is more than the value of your home, or if your family won't be able to manage financially if you're not around.

And speaking of your home, homeowners insurance is probably something that you have already have bought or are seriously considering. If you're like most people, your house is likely the single biggest investment you have made, and naturally, deserves the best type of policy that you can afford. When shopping for homeowners insurance, it's very important that you understand what in your home is covered and what's not. For instance, many big-ticket items like TVs, audio equipment, and other personal belongings are, in most cases, not included in your homeowner's policy.

As you may already know, auto insurance is required for most drivers, depending on what state you live in. Yet, as common as this type of insurance is, many people are still in the dark about the type of coverage they need, or about the