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Extend The Life Of Your Car

Author: John Hack

Extend the life of your car

We use our cars every day. Driving to work, to the store, picking the kids up from school and running errands can put a lot of miles on your vehicle. As much as you depend on your car, proper care and maintenance can help extend its life.

One of the biggest impacts on the life of your car is the way you drive. Erratic driving can add years of wear to your engine and also reduce the life of your tires. Avoiding sudden accelerations and high speeds will help maintain the life of your engine, while sudden stops that can wear out your brake pads faster than usual.

Check your tires regularly. Driving with low air pressure can affect your steering by causing your car to pull to one side. It can also reduce your gas mileage, costing you money. Remember to rotate your tires regularly and to check their threads, replacing them when they get low.

When it comes to caring for your car, prevention can go a long way. Don't ignore small problems, as they usually lead to bigger, more expensive issues. Perform regular maintenance on your car. Changing your oil and other fluids regularly will keep them clear of dirt and debris that can clog filters.

Maintain a service record and track your gas mileage. If your fuel efficiency begins to decrease it may be an early sign of a looming problem. If you do notice your gas mileage dropping, try checking your spark plugs - they may have become clogged, reducing the efficiency of your engine.

Finally, find a good insurance company. Accidents happen and the right insurance policy will make it easier to replace your damaged vehicle with quality parts that will help keep your car running.

In Brief

  • As much as you depend on your car, proper care and maintenance can help extend its life.

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