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Negotiate At The Car Dealership

Author: Mike Yates

Negotiate at the car dealership

Buying a new car can be exciting, but also very intimidating. This is especially true for people who are purchasing their first car. If you are in the market for a car, you likely know that you in a position to negotiate with the car dealership on the price, but may be unsure how to go about doing so. However, understanding a few tips and tricks about car negotiating can make a difference in your success.

Financial blog, Money Under 30 says the first thing you should do to get the best price on a car is research at home. Check out resources such as Edmunds for car pricing. If you know the base value of a car then you will know how much the dealership can afford to negotiate. The source also suggests calling the dealership ahead of time to see if you can get a quote over the phone. If you can get a dealer to do this, they will often tell you a price lower than you will find in their showroom. says that once you get to the dealership, do not make the mistake of telling them what you are willing to pay each month. Most car salesmen will ask you this question up front and then will work the terms of the loan so that you will pay the amount you say per month, but will end up paying much more than you expected in the long run. Instead, wait for them to give you an offer on a car and go from there.

Finally, be prepared to say no. Hold true to the amount you are willing to pay and if he won't agree, simply walk away. Often times he will run after you with a better deal and if nothing else you can use the price he quoted to begin negotiations at other dealership.

In Brief

  • Buying a new car can be exciting, but also very intimidating.

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