Entrepreneurship Ideas For 2012

Author: Deborah Braley

Entrepreneurship ideas for 2012

With the job market still volatile and new jobs hard to come by, now might be the perfect  time to consider starting your own business. Of course, doing so can be risky and stressful. But, with a little research and ingenuity, coming up with some sound entrepreneurship ideas is easy.

Vending machines
Although it's tempting to think of vending machines as being junk food depositories, they don't need to be. Americans are as strapped for time as ever, and healthful vending machines are likely to substantially increase in popularity in the next few years. Dried fruit, trail mix and fresh juices are all products that could help make your vending machines stand out.

Yoga products
In a similar vein, yoga's growing popularity makes it ripe for innovation and services. Convenient mats, comfortable clothing and helpful videos are sure to attract a lot of attention. Almost 14 million Americans say a therapist or physician recommended that they do yoga, according to Inc.com. This means there are a lot of people thinking about getting into yoga - provide them with help, and they will likely be willing to pay for it.

Craft brewing
Beer drinking is on the rise, but not only in terms of the big brands. Many people are shifting away from imports and national beers in favor of smaller, more local options. If you a knack for chemistry - or just an appreciation for a fine pint - turning to craft brewing could be your ticket to a happy hour or two.

In these tough times, many businesses are shrinking their full-time staffs in favor of a few more contractors. This means that you can take your skill and offer it to businesses on a part-time basis. Through this, it's easy to cobble together a living doing what you love for a few different outlets. Writing, teaching, decorating - finding a way to freelance could be a wise move. 

In Brief

  • With the job market still volatile and new jobs hard to come by, now might be the perfect time to consider starting your own business.
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