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Getting A Foot In The Door For New Graduates

Author: Timothy Bibbs

Getting a foot in the door for new graduates

Graduating from college and joining the real world can be scary. For the first time in your life the future is uncertain and it is up to you to take all that you have learned in school and apply it to a career. Unfortunately, you have to find a job within six months before your student loan payments start rolling in. The pressure is high and you would do just about anything to secure an interview and land a job.

When it comes to getting a foot in the door, there are a few things you can do that may help. First, you might want to consider who you know in your field of interest. Networking is one of the best way to get a job, or at least get noticed by an employer. Whether it is your neighbor or your friend's mother, consider asking them if there are any available positions at their company or if they could offer you any advice for the job search. Your university may also have an alumni database that may be helpful in expanding your network.

Social networking is another great way to learn industry information, share what you know with other and make connections. Sign up for services such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and tailor your profile to meet your professional goals.

Vizibility, a personal branding and marketing service, suggests recent graduates also read relevant blogs regularly, to stay up to date on companies and industry trends. Additionally, they usually include links to other pertinent resources.

Although looking for a job can be intimidating, is it important to stay positive and confident in your abilities. The job hunt will take some time, but getting your foot in the door at your dream company can become that much easier by following some of these helpful hints.

In Brief

  • Graduating from college and joining the real world can be scary.

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