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How Can I Switch To A Different Department At My Job?

Author: Deborah Braley

How can I switch to a different department at my job?

It is rare to land your dream job, especially if you are working in an entry level or mid career position. Getting your foot in the door at a company though can be a great step toward one day reaching your career goals. If you were hired to work in a department that is not your first choice, you may be wondering how you can switch into the department and role that truly speaks to your interest. Experts say that it is impossible to make this leap if you take the right steps.

If you have been working in the lead generation department of you company, but have always hoped to work for the more creative department, for instance, first consider why you really want to make this switch. Make sure that you have a consist and detailed answer as to why you are interested in another department, suggests AskMen. Think about what skills you have that will allow you to be successful in another area and how the company will benefit from you working there.

Next, consider what connections you have in the department and what you know about the people that work there. If you know what positions need to be filled, or which ones are expected to be open soon, you probably have a better chance of landing a new gig. Find out who is in charge of the department and speak to him directly about what you can do to benefit the department.

If you have limited experience in the field, take a class that will give you more information. If you can tell the department head that you are currently taking a class on marketing, for example, then you will express to him your sincere interest in the division.

Don't be afraid to make the necessary moves to reach your professional goal! A happy and satisfied employee is the greatest asset to a company.  

In Brief

  • It is rare to land your dream job, especially if you are working in an entry level or mid career position.

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