How To Ask For A Promotion

Author: Marguerite Willett

How to ask for a promotion

Moving up the corporate ladder is a common goal for many professionals. People value the prestige it brings, the boost it adds to a resume and, of course, the salary bump that is often attached to it. However, when it comes time to ask for a promotion, many balk.

Approaching a boss and detailing the reasons a advancement can be nerve-racking. However, there are a few steps you can take to make this process go as seamlessly as possible.

Time it right
One of the best steps you can do to increase your chances of getting that push up the ladder is to make your case at the opportune time. If possible, wait for your scheduled review time. This will make your case as strong as possible because it shows that you have thought about the timing and how it will affect the company.

If your annual review is months away, but you still believe you are deserving, you should still wait until you and the company are both in a relatively good position. Asking for a promotion when business is floundering is likely to make you seem insensitive or unaware.

Make your case
Once you've picked the right time, make sure you have a strong argument for why you deserve the advancement. It's not enough that you've put in your time - you should have a clear, concise argument for why you deserve it. One way to do this is to keep track of how you've contributed to the team, preferably in ways that go beyond your job's purview.

Even if your employer denies your first request, don't hesitate to ask again. In fact, take detailed notes on the reasons you weren't granted the promotion, and do what you can to rectify them. If there are specific duties your boss would like to see you handle before agreeing to the advancement, address them.

After waiting a respectful amount of time, go back to your employer and show them what you've done to prove that you're ready for the new role.

In Brief

  • Moving up the corporate ladder is a common goal for many professionals.

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