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I Was Laid Off, Now What?

Author: Scott Burleigh

I was laid off, now what?

During the tough economy, people who are perfectly capable of their jobs are getting laid off. Private and public organizations are being forced to make budget cuts which unfortunately involves letting good employees go.

One of the best things to do if you are laid off may be to get more education. Anything you can do to make yourself a more competitive and well-rounded candidate, the better off you may be in the job market. The Sacramento Bee reports that the Sacramento City Unified School District has recently been working with teachers who have been laid off by helping them earn credentials in subjects that are usually hard to fill. Most of the courses will be in the areas of science and mathematics.

"We are building up our numbers for high-needs areas and sending a strong message to new teachers and laid-off teachers that they shouldn't give up hope...We are trying to make it possible for them to have higher priority on hiring lists and lower priority on layoff lists," explained Pia Wong to the source, a professor at California State University, where the teachers will be taking classes.

In terms of taking care of finances while you are out of work, Clark Howard, the founder of the civic program called Career Action, says that you should consider unemployment insurance. This can provide you with compensation while you are short on funds. He also suggests prioritizing your finances so the most important bills are paid first, such as groceries and the mortgage.

After getting your finances in order and possibly after or while getting more education, it may be a good time to start applying for jobs again. Networking is a great way to learn about new job opportunities. Stay positive and remain professional, and you are sure to dive back in to the job market soon enough.

In Brief

  • During the tough economy, people who are perfectly capable of their jobs are getting laid off.

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