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Business Schools Mean Business

Success Starts In The Classroom

Author: Chris Cox

Serious about the world of business? Then it pays to be serious about getting a college degree.

Success in the world of business - without a college degree...going it on your own - is a walk-in-the-dark. Given the plethora of leading business school options - brick and mortar or online - the decision to go sans-degree, especially in today's hyper-competitive world, is to catch a falling knife.

Decide to earn a degree, however, and the ADD-vantage will be yours - giant advantages in job choice, career options and income. An MBA, for example, boosts annual income significantly.

According to BusinessWeek magazine, starting salaries for recent MBA grads average $104,000 nationally.

According to BusinessWeek magazine, starting salaries for recent MBA grads average $104,000 nationally. Incomes vary from region to region, company to company, but school-choice can and does play a vital role in determining salaries, especially the first few years following graduation. Earn a bachelors degree in a business specialty and expect earnings between $60,000 and $110,000 a year.

And while incomes for business school grads soared during the 2005-2010 period, the popularity of specific disciplines within Associates, Bachelors or MBA programs soared as well.

Here's the most popular and most in demand:

*Accounting *Applied Management *Business Administration *Business Communication *Business Information Systems *Business Leadership *Conflict Management *eBusiness/ eCommerce *Economics *Finance *Hotel and Hospitality Mgmt. *Human Resources *Intl Business *Management *Operations Management *Organization Management *Project Management *Real Estate *Risk Management *Small Business Management *Sports Management

An academic pursuit in business offers so many choices, that a decision to pursue a degree demands careful consideration and ample research.

Questions should include:

  • Which school?
  • Faculty Expertise?
  • Which program?
  • On Campus?
  • Online?
  • Close to home?
  • Time to completion?
  • Distance Learning
  • Combination of the two?
  • Cost and tution - realtive or value driven
  • Availability of Financial Aid and scholarships

So Many Choices, So Many Schools

With advertisements for continuing education pounding eyeballs and eardrums at a dizzying rate, specialties in this / specialties in do you separate the great schools from the average, the "also-rans" degree-programs from ones "in the running"?

How do you find the school, the program, and the professors, perfectly suited to your needs, your goals, your temperament and your budget? How do you find financial aid - including grants and loans, scholarships and more?

You've come to the right place, TrustedMessenger. We've can connect you to an interactive resource that provides answers to your important questions. Spend a few minutes, respond to some key fact-finders and we'll provide a range of schools and programs that will put you on the fast track to a degree in business - Associates, Masters, or Doctorate.

From the on-campus alternative to the online classroom option, classes for the working adult in need of a course or two to fully accredited programs for the adult going "all the way" - Masters and Doctorate level pursuits; our Business Resource Interface below provides real-time "quick clicks" to the ultimate school-solution best suited to you.

Leading accredited institutions include: Walden University, Champlain College, Chancellor University, ITT Technical Institute, and Everest College Phoenix. In addition, we'll be adding new college and universities as criteria, needs and student interest demand. Can't find that perfect school? Need financial aid information? Scholarship News?

Click below and we'll deliver to make sure your dream campus - brick and mortar or online - becomes a reality. Career success really does begin in the classroom and at College and Career

If your bottom line is a career in business, make it your business to start today.

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