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Engineering Degrees

The Nuts and Bolts of College and Career Success

Author: Chris Cox

Huge numbers of men and women are applying for coveted seats in the nation's very popular college engineering programs. With a recession gripping the nation by its collective jugular, the smart and savvy know the future looks bright and more secure with solid academic credentials.

And what could be smarter than an advanced degree in Engineering or Engineering Management? Engineering is a career track that carries prestige, high-income potential and above all, greater job security. Our College and Career Resource Guide will take you there.

The National Association of Colleges and Employers says: "As a group, engineering majors have consistently posted increases to their average salary offers and seemingly have been immune to negative economic effects."

In fact, even in a year when many average salaries declined, engineering grads saw average salaries go up...weighing-in at a healthy $59,149. Electrical Engineers enjoyed the biggest gains - up three percent in 2010 - enjoying an average $59,326. Chemical Engineers boasted big gains too - average salaries up - hitting the mid $66,000 mark.

Energy Pays...

CNN reports the top-earning 15 degrees in 2009 were held by engineers. Petroleum grads lead all others - with that expertise hitting an oil gusher high of $83,000. Not only that, but demand for engineers exceeds supply. Last year, engineering degrees made-up only 4% of all college graduates.

Big demand + Limited Supply = High Salaries

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs...

The list is impressive...and diverse. Here's the leading engineering specialties:

*Petroleum *Chemical *Mining *Computer *Electrical *Mechanical *Industrial *Systems *Technology *Actuarial *Aeronautical *Agricultural *Biomedical *Construction

From manufacturing to construction to nanotechnology, engineers affect almost every aspect of our everyday lives. Their imprint (and talent) is felt everywhere. With such an impact, today's top students demand the best in "education"...schools, teachers, programs, and degrees.

College - from Brick and Mortar to Keyboard and Mouse

Schools come in different sizes, places, zip codes, and now laptops everywhere. If you're a "learn-in-the-classroom" type, you'll likely find the brick and mortar option the best way to go. Campus classrooms are alive and well and engineering students are filling the seats.

Not to be outdone is the online option. From desktop, laptop and smartphone, students are leading the online revolution- college by digital device has come of age. From the ease and comfort of home or office, students are taking courses, getting degrees and finding great paying jobs.

Online Saves Time

Online advantages are unlimited with classes and degree programs for all engineering specialties. Online degree programs provide real-time, live video instruction, online testing, podcasts, white-boarding, and student inter-action. Above all, online saves time, enabling busy adults to attend college on their schedule.

Information is King

The fastest way to figuring-out the "how-to's of college and landing your degree is... information. To insure you're getting the best, most complete information, TrustedMessenger has put together a digital device of its own...our College and Career Resource Guide...a click-able GUI delivering up-to-date information on the best colleges and universities coast-to-coast - on campus or online.

Help is On The Way

Need financial help? Resource Guide paves the way to grants, scholarships and funding sources that makes college available to nearly everyone. Uncle Sam and a variety of private funding sources give away billions of dollars each year to qualifying students. Pell Grants, Graduate PLUS Loans and Federal Stafford Loans make-up a portion of the college financial aid programs. Some colleges employ financial aid professionals who help guide you through the process. Resource Guide will let you know.

Hot Degrees

Engineering students pursue a variety of degree programs - Associate, Bachelor, Master and Doctorate. Any Engineering Degree is a hot degree...the market has spoken and the demand is there. The higher your degree and more time invested in earning that degree, the higher your income will most likely be. The great news is that any degree will be an important step in your path to career, financial and personal success.

Resource Guide and its vital information links tell it all...including tuition, all college expenses and the time it will take to earn a valuable and highly sought-after engineering degree.

A Click-Away...

That's how close the beginning of your college dream is. A click-away to all the resources you'll need to start your exciting journey. Click now on the College and Career Resource Guide.

The College and Career Guide online resource tool that can help you find the college, degree, and career that is right for you.

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College and Career Resource Guide

The College and Career Guide online resource tool that can help you find the college, degree, and career that is right for you.

The Guide can not only help you find info on financial aid and scholarships-it will help you discover for yourself what careers, degrees and career opportunities are available.

Go to to for more information on Engineering degrees, colleges and universities.

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