Higher Education Equals Higher Income

More Money is a Matter of Degrees

Author: Chris Cox

Money. You can't go far without it. And when you have it, really have it...the world is your oyster. The amount of money you earn - over a lifetime - is for most people directly related to the level of education attained.

High School grads make more than drop-out counterparts. College Grads make more than high school grads. Advanced degree-holders (Masters, PhD) enjoy higher income than those with Bachelor degrees.

Bottom Line: Higher Education = Higher Income

A recent U.S. Census survey found people, 18 years and older with a bachelor's degree earned an average of $51,554.  A whopping $24,000 more than comparable high school grads.

It's a pretty simple formula - one thousands of young and middle-aged Americans have adopted as their education edict and money mantra. In addition to improving oneself on a personal level, increased knowledge brings on a slew of other life improvements too - from higher self-esteem to greater, deeper appreciation for a subject matter or knowledge in general...and the ability to cope in an increasingly complex society.

Possessing greater knowledge (and no, this is not a stretch here) makes many single men and women more noticed and desirable to others. "Hard to believe", you say? We're not kidding. College-educated men typically have higher incomes and higher standards of living. This can and does have dramatic affects on the universe of possibilities. And the reverse also rings true. Smarter, college-educated woman generally trend towards higher socio-economic circles. Those circles open-up additional intra-personal opportunities and so on.

While only a sub-set for pursuing a college degree - yet important in life's big picture - let's step back from finding that "significant other" and return to the raison d'etre for this article:

College Grads Get Higher Salaries

Numerous benefits - mainly economic - include the direct and lasting benefit college education has related to lifetime earnings - your lifetime earnings.

Here's some statistics:

A recent U.S. Census survey found people, 18 years and older with a bachelor's degree earned an average of $51,554. A whopping $24,000 more than comparable high school grads. Those with advanced degrees, Masters and PhD's did even better, taking home an average of $78,093

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Survey Sez...

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