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Author: Chris Cox

To say jobs in the hospitality industry have grown by leaps and bounds, would be like saying, "Someday Disney World will be a major tourist attraction". To those most qualified for the highest paying positions: the experienced, college grads and those with advanced degrees - job opportunities in hospitality are going faster than a trip to Space Mountain.

The bottom line: Hospitality Degrees are Hot. And college-age adults looking for career change, bigger pay, and more job opportunity, are taking notice. In an era of shrinking salaries and jaded job-seekers, individuals heading into hospitality are at a decided advantage over those who are not.

Hospitality Pays....

Averaging $50,000 a year, hospitality industry salaries vary according to job and location. Here's a few to whet your appetite...

  • Restaurant Manager - $32,000
  • Chef - $32,000
  • General Manager - $56,000
  • Executive Chef - $57,000
  • National Sales Manager - $64,000
  • Hotel Managers - $68,000
  • Director of Sales - $115,000
  • Sales Executive for National Expansion - $137,000
  • Sales Leaders and Executives - $211,000

High salaries in an environment of expanding opportunities is helping job seekers realize the advantage of advanced hospitality degrees. Culinary Arts and Hospitality bachelor-degree holders earn nearly twice as those only holding a high school diploma. Hospitality does indeed pay...and so do advanced degrees.

So Where to Now?

We usually reserve the best for last...but if your day is like ours - crazy busy - then why waste a minute. So where to now? School that's where. And if you're like thousands attending college or thinking of attending college, you're likely to do so in a virtual way - yep, the online kind.

Visionary Bill Gates is a big fan of online learning and thinks college education - the traditional brick and mortar way - has become just too expensive. "Soon", says Gates, " college educations will be five times less important than they are today." In other words, Gates sees the importance and relevancy of online education. And he's right. Online is expanding at super-sonic speed. And why not. Online saves time, energy and money. Perfect for busy adults who need to integrate education into their already hectic lifestyles.

Hospitality Management and Online Education go hand-in-glove, a perfect match for the interactive student. Information, testing, lectures - both in real-time and pre-recorded - thrive in the online environment. From laptop to smartphone, the online education and online classroom is Internet or Wi-Fi close. Throw in podcasts, white-boarding, and you've got all the bases covered.

So Many Schools, so Little Time

Well Yes...and Yes. While there are many schools to choose, TrustedMessenger believes it's better to exercise careful judgment in matters this important. Choosing a college and knowing where to find one is a bit like college itself - it takes effort. So why waste time?

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Or if you're the kind who likes to walk before running, hang around for a bit while we share some more.

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