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Human Services Careers - Choosing to Help Others

The Career That Keeps on Giving

Author: Chris Cox

What kind of person are you? The type who truly wants to help others in an organized and structured professional environment - one that's consistent, meaningful and life-enhancing - for all involved.

If so, a career in Human Services could be a career path satisfying your inner most desire to help others - while enjoying a profession you're passionate about. Not only is this career path a wonderful choice, but one with huge demand. A demand which continues to grow.

The Best of All Worlds

Growing demand in a people-centric profession that promises to provide nearly unlimited personal satisfaction and career contentment. Growing demand means greater job choices and security. It's really the best of all worlds. The U.S. Department of Labor predicts job growth in the Human Services sector to grow faster than the average for all occupations. That's great news and great choice.

How much choice? From the private sector to the public sector, human services jobs are plentiful. On the public side of job opportunity, the Federal government's Health and Human Services, offers a vast array of jobs, both domestic and overseas. HHS hires college grads from diverse social and academic backgrounds. Positions include doctors, nurses, biologists, social and physical scientists, economists, computer specialists, budget analysts, administrative, clerical specialists, and epidemiologists.

On the private sector side, jobs range from behavior analysts, drug and alcohol counselors, social service caseworkers, youth counselors, and shelter workers. And the list goes on. Not only that, but as society evolves, job categories in the social services are expected to expand. No matter how you look at it, opportunities in Human Services are looking up.

Job Opportunities2

The best assurance is insurance. And when it comes to expanded job opportunities, that "insurance" is a college degree. Without a degree, the chances of landing a job in human services decrease dramatically. With a degree however - an Associates, Bachelors or Masters - job and career opportunities become exponentially better -- doubling, tripling - even quadrupling in some sectors. Attending college and landing a degree has even earned a new name: "Opportunity Squared".

College Bound?

Been thinking of going to college but think you don't have the time. Been thinking of going to college but think you can't afford it?

Think again.

College has changed...and for the better. Twenty-somethings, Thirty-somethings and those in the 40-plus age groups are pursuing advanced degrees...and doing it on their terms.


Online. Many new or returning students are "attending" college the virtual way - getting a degree - then landing new and better careers - reaching those goals by "going online".

Online school is changing the way Americans are learning and earning.

Online has become the new and proven way to get an advanced degree

Online has become the new and proven way to get an advanced degree and with its growth has come its acceptance. Human Service employers want students who've shown the discipline and determination online students possess. Online is super-convenient too. Most classes, assignments and testing can be done on your schedule. And while some "live" classes are conducted in real-time, the overwhelming educational experience is at the student's convenience.

From laptop to smart-phone, podcast to video, college has gone high-tech and no college entity does it better than online schools. Attend school from anywhere. All you need is a high-speed Internet connection, a device and a desire to learn.

While convenience reigns supreme, so too does college affordability. Online college offers some of the biggest bang for the buck. Tuition for many online schools is less than many traditional brick and mortar campuses and while you'll save on tuition, if you know "where to shop", you'll never compromise on quality. Just one of the many reasons TrustedMessenger is bringing you the College and Career Resource Guide. Use it to find the best accredited schools and programs. Use it to get the money you may need to attend school and get your degree. Use it to find the classes and programs best suited for you.

Finding the money to attend college - is for many - an exercise in futility. It doesn't have to be. The U.S. Government continues to make college aid possible. Federal aid includes Pell Grants, Graduate PLUS Loans, and Federal Stafford Loans. Millions of dollars in grants are laid-out each year by Uncle Sam and applicants are signing-on.

And FREE money doesn't stop there.

Some schools offer merit-based scholarships for entering students who've got a pre-existing academic or professional accomplishment. Regardless, even students without, can and do qualify for scholarships.

The good news is: "the money is there."

College-bound adults rely on Resource Guide to find a wide variety of school choices too - including Kaplan University, University of Phoenix, Capella University, and American Intercontinental University. Get the jump on your career by clicking on the College and Career Resource Guide. Spend a few minutes, respond to some key fact-finders and get a range of schools, degrees and financial aid programs - all aimed at putting you on the fast track to an advanced Human Services degree.

Resource Guide is your 24/7 online link to the world of college.

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College and Career Resource Guide is a resource that will help you find the schools, the financial aid and the opportunity for meeting your human services career goals.

No matter what you seek, advanced degree or advanced certification...there's never been a better time to elevate your Human Services career-opportunities. If you're college bound, Resource Guide will take you there.

Visit the College and Career Resource Guide here.

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