Liberal Arts

A Degree for All Reasons

Author: Chris Cox

First things first...and two questions up-front.

  • 1. What exactly is a Liberal Arts degree?

Liberal Arts is described as a well-rounded education in the sciences, humanities, mathematics, and languages. Wikipedia calls Liberal Arts: "studies providing general knowledge and intellectual skills, rather than specialized occupational, scientific or artistic ones."

  • 2. Is a degree some believe too general and broad in scope, worth having in today's competitive job market?

The short answer: Absolutely. Employers look for job applicants who communicate well. Surveys taken of human resource specialists indicate strong communication skills are ones most desired by all kinds of employers. Time and again employers look for the best and the brightest - well-rounded, trainable, information driven and engaged.

Liberal Arts majors specialize in acquiring strong, adaptable communication skills - oral and written. Having a Liberal Arts degree prepares college grads for a wide range of endeavors - probably the widest array of jobs for any one single college major.

Careers include:

  1. Business
  2. Technical Writing
  3. Broadcasting
  4. Criminology
  5. Translation
  1. Foreign Service
  2. Sales and Marketing
  3. Demography.
  4. Human Resources

Bringing Home the Bacon

Interesting jobs for sure and there's a whole lot more we promise to share...but what are Liberal Arts major making - income wise? Let's take a look at a cross-section of job-types held by Liberal Arts graduates:

  • Public Relations Specialist $50,000
  • Museum Development Associate $57,125
  • Foreign Service Worker $59,000
  • Museum Exhibit Designer $59,544
  • Associate Professor of Liberal Arts $62,153
  • Broadcaster $70,000
  • Associate Dean of Humanities $98,895

And salaries vary...up and down. The bottom line is that a Liberal Arts degree provides those who truly *prepare*, the academic and real-world tools for achieving successful and high-paying careers.

So Where to NOW?

In the vast, often confusing Terra Incognita of school-choice, where does a young or middle-aged adult turn to find the best schools and programs? We're convinced we have that answer.

There's a good chance you'll even discover a school right in your area.

It's called College and Career - one of the finest online resources you'll find - robust, relevant and a few inches away. There's no hiding it, a click on the link is your ticket to the best schools, best programs - online or on campus - that you'll find. There's a good chance you'll even discover a school right in your area. Accredited schools include Kaplan University, Saint Leo and for the music man or woman in us all, Full Sail University.

This Florida-based school offers both on-site campus attendance and equally effective online classes, with an Arts & Humanities program second-to-none. And like many top-tier, in-demand schools featured in Resource Guide, it doesn't matter where you live, work or play. The online alternative - thanks to the Net - is alive, well, and taking America by digital-storm. And students are signing-on, taking charge and earning a degree. Online is powerful, collaborative and engaging.

In addition to having all the advantages of a traditional brick and mortar campus, online is more adaptable, more time efficient and more user-friendly. As a major, Liberal Arts is uniquely suited to the computer's information intensive - and with teacher /class /student / dialogue occurring in real time - "attending" class by laptop or smartphone is as good as being there. For so many reasons - just convenience alone - it's a great alternative.

For other students demanding physical presence n the classroom, Resource Guide has plenty to offer. Click below to find the best campuses in your immediate area.

Regardless of what works better for your lifestyle or schedule, when push comes to shove, you'll need to know about cost. While a college education has become more affordable, for many, finding money is the proverbial "needle in a haystack."

It doesn't have to be.

Cash for College

Financial Aid - grants, scholarships and other private funding - put a college degree within the reach of practically anybody. Did you know Uncle Sam gives away nearly $100 Billion a year to qualifying students? College and Career will help you search for those funds. Find out which schools provide in-house financial aid counselors to answer tuition, grant and scholarship questions. With governments - state and federal - becoming increasingly revenue-strapped, it's wise to discover NOW where to get your slice of the academic money pie - before it's too late.

Is a Liberal Arts degree for you? Will it provide the promise to a future bursting with opportunity? Thousands of Liberal Arts grads think so, finding success and great jobs.

If you're still unsure, let Resource Guide fill in the missing pieces.

Take a few minutes...respond to some key fact-finders about your goals, dreams and aspirations...and discover a shopping-cart full of great choices - *schools*, *degrees*, *scholarships*, and *financial aid* - all aimed at putting you on the fast track to a Liberal Arts degree.

Educate and Liberate. Click here to find out more

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