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Einstein would agree; it doesn't' take a genius to figure this out...

  • "Math and Science degrees pay HUGE dividends."

By any measure, the empirical evidence shows getting a science or math degree opens-up a universe of nearly unlimited career and job opportunities. Math-Science degrees are top-of-the-academic food chain...and smart, career oriented students are eating it up.

And while conventional wisdom might dictate that most math majors become mathematicians, nothing could be further from the truth. CNN reports most mathematics degree holders enter computer science, engineering and economics. Others find secure, in-demand jobs in brokerage firms, investment banks, software and consulting firms.

Prestige jobs with prestige pay. General math majors holding just a Bachelor's degree earn 17% more than the average college graduate...a whopping $56,500. Science majors catch-up nicely to math counterparts and by year five, average around $58,000 annually.

In these demanding and high-paying fields, salaries seldom fall into a black hole. By the tenth year of employment, science majors average over $72,000 a year. Math majors average just under, hovering right around $70,000 annually by year ten

Your Computer Wants You

Forget Uncle Sam, it's the computer that's taking names and students college. Desktop, laptop and increasingly smart phones are replacing the brick & mortar campus experience. And why not? Online is convenient, efficient, time-saving, and completely interactive. Today's math and science college students are lining-up and clicking-on.

Online degrees carry weight with potential employers as well. Gone are the days when a Ivy-League degree was the only game in town. Today's top students and job holders are going digital and the results are nothing short of stellar.

The Who, What, When, Where and Why

So you're a math wiz or lover of science and you're ready to make a commitment to college. At the very least, you're pretty convinced a college degree is in your best interest. With gray matter chiseled in all things analytical, you're the type demanding qualitative and quantitative answers to all your college questions, issues, and concerns.

Have we got an-all-things-digital resource for you. Meet the College and Career Resource Guide, your 24/7, online link to the world of college.

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  1.  College Guides' got it. 
  2.  College Guides' got it. 
  3.  College Guides' got it. 
  4.  College Guides' got it. 
  5.  College Guides' got it. 
  6.  College Guides' got it. 

Yep, local campus information too. As popular as online is, some students simply want the face-to-face, teacher-in-the-room, sit-in-the-seat, classroom experience. With colleges located coast-to-coast, there's a good chance an accredited math or science degree program is zip-code convenient. If that's your academic option, Resource Guide and its valuable links, will show you the way.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Ask any student what his or her biggest obstacle to attending school is and chances are it's money

Ask any student what his or her biggest obstacle to attending school is and chances are it's money - tuition, affordability and program costs. The good news is that financial aid and scholarships are available. More than $100 billion a year allocated in government grants, loans, and private sector funding - including Pell Grants, Graduate PLUS Loans, and undergrad Federal Stafford Loans.

No matter how you add it up - going to college has never been easier, more convenient and with the help of financial aid, more affordable. From the "black-board" to the "white-board", Resource Guide provides a range of schools - online or on-campus - a wealth of Associate, Bachelor, Master and PhD degree programs - and all the facts: tuition, scholarships and everything in between - that you need to reach a high-paying career.

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