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Author: Chris Cox

"Success doesn't come to you...you go to it" -- Marva Collins

Truer words may never have been spoken. Success, like anything, belongs to the man or woman who takes charge; to that driven person who makes a decision to act...then captures the goal, the dream, the objective...with unfailing, unflinching commitment.

Schools and the quality of education in America run the gamut - from barely adequate to off-the-charts superb. For people demanding maximum success, nothing less than superb will do, while nothing short of Associates, Bachelors or Doctorate degrees, will suffice. Equally important to whatever degree chosen, is its coming from an accredited program, college or university.

Political Science "Unplugged"

Political Science is according to the Princeton Review, "timely, fascinating and perpetually changing."

Boiled-down to its essence, political science develops critical thinking and communication skills along with a comprehensive grasp of history, cultures and people.

Possess a deep desire to communicate with the masses? Poli-Sci could be the major for you. Many a news anchor earned a political science degree before ever walking into a TV studio or radio station. And while garden-variety politicians may or may not have Political Science degrees, increasingly future office holders will belong to those that do.

Regardless of the exact career track chosen, Political Science is cutting-edge. From voter-pattern studies to presidential campaign management ...from critical analyses of the British Parliament to the inner-workings of international diplomacy, Political Science is according to the Princeton Review, "timely, fascinating and perpetually changing."

And increasingly, it's well-paying. Degrees in Political Science lead to a seemingly endless array of career choices, including:

*Teaching *Political Analysis *Government Intelligence *Sales *Consulting *Marketing *Paralegal *Campaign Management *Politics, office holding

Political Science majors, across a broad spectrum of career choices, earn on the average $55,000 a year. Intelligence specialists holding advanced degrees, skew even higher, with top wage earners reaching the $71,000 mark. State office holder salaries vary state to state, while the rank and file on Capital Hill do even better. United States Senators, for example, pulling in close to $175,000 annually.

Smart, Motivated and Politically Astute...So, What's Next?

Yes, we're talking about you. If you're the political type or just enjoy a good debate...and believe you're ready to take on the world...anxious to strut your stuff in politics or beyond...ready to bring that career one step closer...then you're ready for school, online or on campus.

But not just ANY school.

If that sounds like you, then it's also time for a little homework. Like any good teacher we'll prepare the assignment; furnish the facts and supply all tools to make that dream come true. We'll lay the groundwork, put a road-map in your hands...and let you succeed. And we'll provide the questions. So let's get started.

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Is it accredited? Is faculty real-world tested? How many teachers are PhD level? What's the student-teacher ratio? Is there online access or is it campus-location only? Can you do both? Is distance learning better?


Is it competitively priced? Is it value-based? Are there payment plans? Does it include books and other required materials?

Course Work.

How long does it take to get a degree - 1 to 2 years, 3 to 4 years? Is it tailored for working adults? Are credits transferrable? How much of course work is online or in class?

Programs and Degrees.

What degrees levels are offered - Associates, Bachelors, Masters? Are programs available year-long, summer-too? Is there 24/7 program and curriculum access?


Can I download course work? How about podcasts? Is there testing and review online? Is there course research online? Is there Mobile/Smart phone access to course-work? Is there an online class-room community for support and feed-back?

Financial Aid and Scholarships.

Is Financial Aid available? If so, what kind? How about scholarships? What are the maximum award amounts? How do I qualify? Does the college provide support services and personnel related to financial aid and scholarships? If not, what alternatives are there?

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Spend a few minutes down below, respond to some key fact-finders and we'll give you a shopping-cart full of great choices - *schools*, *degrees*, *scholarships*, and *financial aid* packages - all aimed at putting you on the fast track to a degree in Political Science and a great career. Ready. Set. Grow.

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