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Teaching and Education Jobs Are Plentiful

Time to make a difference.

Author: Chris Cox

Of all career tracks, teaching and education may be the most self-less career path a person may travel. As Mark Twain wrote, "It is noble to teach oneself, but still nobler to teach others". Choosing Education as an academic pursuit has reached a popularity not seen since the 1950's.

Can "noble" and "popular" stand-side-by-side? Absolutely - and they do - as thousands of young adults pursue the greater nobility of teaching and education. A degree in education prepares the student for a world of opportunity; from classroom to boardroom - K thru 8, all the way to corporate training - the arc of teaching reaches far and wide.

With a societal footprint that knows no bounds, job opportunities for today's education and teaching majors are plentiful indeed.

Jobs...Jobs...Jobs (an abbreviated list)

  • Instructional Support Specialist
  • Associate Professor, Child Development
  • Site Consultant
  • Senior Curriculum Developer
  • Dean, College of Education
  • Secondary Mathematics Specialist
  • Instructional Counselor
  • Infant Teacher
  • Mentor, Teacher Education
  • K-12 Specialist
  • Violence Prevention Educator
  • Full-Time Professor
  • Senior Scientific Director
  • Professor of Art Education
  • Director of Marketing
  • Nursing Instructor

From College to Career

Jobs are plentiful and the list goes much deeper than the 16 examples above. Regardless of the specific discipline you choose, a great job begins with a great education and TrustedMessenger has the tools to make that happen.

Caveat Emptor

Are all colleges and universities created equally? The short answer is no. From faculty expertise to choice of classes, a school's academic prowess or lack there-of, should be considered carefully. Is the school you're considering accredited? Pick a school that's not and you might find your next would-be employer rejecting the degree you worked so hard to achieve.

A decision to pursue a Degree in Education demands careful consideration and careful research.

Questions should include:

  • Accreditation Status?
  • Faculty Expertise?
  • Programs and Classes Offered?
  • Brick and Mortar or Online?
  • Distance Learning) or Combination of the two?
  • Total Time to Earn a Degree?
  • Cost and tuition - value-driven?
  • Availability of Financial Aid, scholarships and school personnel to help?

Research Starts Here...

The College and Career Resource Guide ...a research tool that can help guide you to the degree, college, or career choice that's right for you.

  • Need a scholarship?
  • Need financial aid?
  • Need career planning?
  • Need a place to begin?

College and Career Resource Guide

The College and Career Resource Guide ...a research tool that can help guide you to the degree, college, or career choice that's right for you.

The Guide can help you find information on scholarships and financial aid - the who, what and where of college information. Get your piece of America's academic pie; your piece of the $100 Billion Uncle Sam gives out each and every year in Pell Grants, Graduate PLUS Loans, Federal Stafford Loans and other forms of student financial aid.

Almost all colleges have full-time financial aid professionals. These experts are there to help students and their families with financial aid. So do yourself a favor, go to for more information on Education and Teaching degrees and programs.

In Brief


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