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Put Me In Coach: The Truth About Job Coaches

Author: Scott Burleigh

Put me in coach: The truth about job coaches

Once we leave school, we lose an important channel of support and guidance - not only from teachers, but from counselors and coaches who help us shape our futures. Sometimes this can leave us feeling unmoored, unsure of how to proceed. A growing trend, however, aims to help people who are in the workforce or trying to join it by coaching them. Increasingly, people are turning to these coaches for advice on many things, such as what a good job would be for them, how to find it, how to land it and how to succeed at it.

What does a job coach do?
These trained professionals get to know you - your strengths and weaknesses, your aspirations and fears - and tailor a path to success to those traits. With knowledge in both psychology and the job market, these coaches look for ways to find connections between the two spheres.

Who needs coaching?
Practically everybody can benefit from insight into achieving their full potential and finding and keeping a great job, but some people can profit especially from the service. People who find themselves leaving jobs quickly or having difficulty finding them in the first place and people who are very unclear about their passions and strengths are often the most successful candidates for a coach.

How to find a job coach?
Not all job coaches are the same. Finding a coach with a proven track record and enthusiastic recommendations are good places to start. Furthermore, many coaches have particular focuses in terms of their clients. Whether you are someone looking for a mid-career switch or a recent graduation, be sure to ask potential coaches about their specific areas of expertise.

Regardless of your circumstances, finding a job coach can be an effective way for you to better yourself, increase your hireability or determine what career best suits you.

In Brief

  • A growing trend, however, aims to help people who are in the workforce or trying to join it by coaching them.

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