Three Interview Questions To Prepare For

Author: Scott Burleigh

Three interview questions to prepare for

Having a great interview is very much based on your preparation. Very few people knock interviews out of the park and impress potential employers without taking the time to think about how they will answer interview questions. Knowing what questions to expect may also help people avoid nervous tendencies such as mumbling and drawing a blank.

Therefore, consider these commonly asked questions and draft comprehensive answers so you will be well prepared for the actual interview.

1. Why do you want to work here? - You can almost be guaranteed that you will be asked some thing along these lines during the interview, and it is certainly not a question you'll want to stumble over. Research the company and the position to figure out why you want to work there and how you'll be a good asset to the team. Explain to the interviewers why you are enthusiastic about the role and the company's mission.

2. What are your strengths and weakness? According to CNN, these are some of the most common questions asked in an interview. The source suggests answering the weakness portion of this question by explaining how you have turned negatives into strengths.

3. What salary range are you looking for? - Although you typically do not want to bring up salary in the first interview, if you are asked this question, you will need to have a prepared answer.US Money says to answer this question do your research. Find out what the market value is for someone working your position and with your experience. The source explains a recruiter may be able to provide you with some information on this. It is always best if you can have them provide you with a salary range before you answer this question.

In Brief

  • Having a great interview is very much based on your preparation.

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