Tips For Networking Your Way To A Better Career

Author: Deborah Braley

Tips for networking your way to a better career

Landing your dream job or getting that big promotion can seem nearly impossible at times. It can appear that everyone around you is making something wonderful of himself out in the workforce, but you are getting left behind with the mediocre job you currently have. But having superior networking skills can help you to achieve your career goals and pave your way to a better job in no time.

Build strong relationships - Try not to underestimate the people you currently work with or overlook that acquaintance from college. If you know someone that is connected in your field of interest, try to build a strong relationship and friendship with him, suggests Business Insider. Even if it is a long shot, it is better to always maintain positive and trustworthy relationships with the people in your life because you never know who that person may know. What's more - the person that is your coworker today could be the human resources manager at your dream job tomorrow.

Take advantage of networking opportunities - You should attend. Any event that could be a chance for networking. If an old friend invites you to a Christmas party, go and talk to as many people as possible. Likewise, if your university is hosting an alumni get together, be sure to RSVP - you never know who you might meet!

Log on to networking website - Websites like are great resources for finding career opportunities and building relationships. Consider updating your profile regularly to attract more traffic to your page and to make more connections.

Stay genuine - People don't want to help other that seem fake or just want to better themselves. Stay genuine in the relationships you build and with the people you meet at networking events and notice how many people are willing to help others find a great job because they were once in your shoes too.

In Brief

  • Landing your dream job or getting that big promotion can seem nearly impossible at times.

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