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Walking The (tightrope-thin) Fine Line To Balance Work And Life

Author: Mike Yates

Walking the (tightrope-thin) fine line to balance work and life

The majority of individuals holding down gainful employment in a full-time position work extremely hard at their jobs. They often sacrifice time that could be their own in favor of optimally fulfilling their responsibilities. In more than a few instances, it has become a trend among some employees to prioritize their work above all other aspects of life, even at times when it might not be necessary.

This phenomenon shouldn't be all that surprising, to some extent. After all, in this era of significant unemployment and economic upheaval, those who have jobs can be understood for wanting to do everything in their power to maintain them, and remain in good standing with their supervisors.

However, a recent survey conducted by the organization WorldatWork's Alliance for Work-Life Progress highlighted a few facts regarding this matter that might be more than a little startling to some. The group, which promotes initiatives intended to let workers bridge the gap between their jobs and personal life to improve the quality of both, found that some employers were encouraging an atmosphere that emphasized an extremely dedicated approach to work - and sometimes penalizing those unwilling to apply it to their lives.

Although this attitude is not necessarily common, employees who encounter it might end up facing workplace unpleasantness, denial of promotions, unenviable work assignments, poor performance reviews and other consequences.

If you find yourself overworked, don't be afraid to work on your own terms (unless you're convinced that you'll lose your job if you do). It's entirely possible to work at a pace that's comfortable and have time for yourself while remaining a valuable asset to your employer.

Try different strategies to see how you can speed up your workflow and have more time for yourself. You might end up having your cake and eating it too, as they say, by pleasing your supervisors and getting more out of your personal life.

In Brief

  • The majority of individuals holding down gainful employment in a full-time position work extremely hard at their jobs.

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