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Is An Online Degree Respected In The Job Market?

Author: Dale Smock

Is an online degree respected in the job market?

College tuitions are getting more expensive every year. Therefore, you may be considering obtaining an online degree instead. You have probably come across a commercial on television about online degrees and courses and are wondering if this these are as credible as their conventional counterparts.

Or perhaps, in order to maintain a competitive edge in the job market, you are looking to take a few additional college courses. Classes that pertain to your industry can help you to gain new skills and tell your employee that you are dedicated to the field. But will a course taken online look as impressive as one taken on campus?

The first thing you may want to consider is your industry, as some are more accepting of online and distance learning degrees. College Confidential explains that the industries most likely to accept this kind of degree are internet and new media, technology, high tech and sometimes marketing.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that although some hiring managers still prefer traditional degrees, online programs are becoming more accepted. However, you might want to consider an online degree or class offer by a traditional institution. Employers may be more likely to respect a degree from school they recognize.

If you find a program that interests you that is strictly online, suggest making sure your school is accredited by searching it in databases maintained by the U.S. Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. This way you can show your potential employers that it is a legitimate school, and you will not waste your time and money.

According to the news outlet, online degree programs that are expected to be in demand in the coming years include nursing, accounting and education.

In Brief

  • College tuitions are getting more expensive every year.

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