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Should I Send My Child To Private School?

Author: Bobby Warnock

Should I send my child to private school?

Many parents these days are wondering whether or not to send their children to private school. As colleges are becoming increasingly competitive, parents feel they need to provide their children with the best education possible in order to gain the competitive edge. However, most private schools cost a pretty penny as the annual tuition often compares to that of a university. So is it really worth it to send your children through private education?

According to the National Association of Independent Schools, the average tuition for a private day school is $23,560. On the other hand, a private boarding school is going to cost you $42,920 per year. For most families this is a great deal of money.

It's no secret that private schooling offers a great deal of benefits. A lower student to teacher ratio means your child will likely be getting more attention and specialized education throughout the day. Additionally, a smaller class size may allow your child to adapt better in a social environment.

However, if you live in a district that offers good public schools, this may not be enough to possibly endure financial hardship. Public schools are gaining more momentum every year and thousands of public school students get accepted to Ivy League colleges.

Therefore, unless you will be able to afford the costs associated with private schools without any trouble, it may be a good idea to look into the local public school system. If you are concerned about your child getting enough attention, consider applying for a gifted or specialized program that will offer further one on one time with instructors.

Keep in mind that private school costs may increase over the years and you will likely also need to be putting money away for retirement and college tuition. Weigh the pros and cons and make a decision based on what is best for your family and financial situation.

In Brief

  • Many parents these days are wondering whether or not to send their children to private school.

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