The Country's Highest Paid College Majors

Author: Denise Mardis

The country's highest paid majors

Are you going to college and trying to decide what to major in? Many students want to study a discipline that will earn them the big bucks once they graduate from college and enter the real world. This is becoming more and more the case as The Project on Student Debt says that college seniors that graduated in 2010 had an average debt of $25,250. So if you are interested in what offers the highest payout, here are three of the highest paid college majors in the United States.

Engineering: According to TIME Magazine, engineering majors are some of the best paid graduates out there. Of their top ten list, eight of the highest-earning majors are engineering based including mining, mechanical, chemical and aerospace engineering. Petroleum engineering ranked at number one. It is not surprising that petroleum engineering is the highest paying college major in that energy is highly valued throughout the entire world, CNN Money explains. A graduate who majored in petroleum engineering has been reported to make an average starting salary of $120,000.

Computer Science: CNBC states that the average starting salary of a computer science major is $63,402 and the way computers are so densely integrated into today's society, it's not hard to understand why people who are versed in computer science are highly valued to companies and are therefore highly paid.

Physics: An undergraduate degree in physics offers students a wide variety of career paths to choose from, according to Daily Finance, and the average starting salary for a physic major is $51,100. Someone who obtained a degree in physics can decide to go into education, astronomy, computer programming or mathematics.  

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  • The country's highest paid college majors

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