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Three Simple Tips To Have An Amazing College Experience

Author: Timothy Bibbs

Three simple tips to have an amazing college experience

College can be the best experience of your life, but it is important to use this wisely. Most people will tell you that these four years will go by in the blink of an eye, and you don't want to finish school with regrets, wishing you had done this or tried that. Therefore, consider these simple suggestions to help you make the most of your college career.

1. Study what you love - Whether you like art history, biochemistry or political science, most schools offer something for everyone, and unlike high school, you can focus your studies on what you enjoy. If you're not quite sure what you like when you begin, take a variety of courses during your freshman year. Chances are you will still graduate on time even if you wait to declare a major as a sophomore or junior. Simply talk to your advisor to make sure.

2. Get involved - This is your chance to pick up a new hobby or join an intramural sports team. Most college campuses offer events and activities around the clock so there is never a reason to be sitting around bored in your dorm room. Push yourself to get out there and take part in new activities you would typically avoid. For instance, attend a Saturday backpacking trip or go to Midnight Dodgeball. You'll never wish you spent more time sitting around watching television, and you'll likely only regret not putting yourself out there.

3. Enroll in internships - College is when you're supposed to be figuring out what you want to do for a living. However, this is nearly impossible to do if you spend all of your time in a classroom. Instead, enroll in as many internships as you can. Many schools will offer credit for them and they look great on a resume.

In Brief

  • College can be the best experience of your life, but it is important to use this wisely.

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